Fruit cake and icing are so last season. Pork pie towers and multicoloured cereal cakes are all the rage

A colour-tastic cereal layer cake – officially the first wedding cake that requires sunglasses

Grandiose wedding cakes aren't for everyone. Sometimes only the weird and wacky will do. From cheese wheel cakes to ice-cream towers, mixing it up can make a wedding more memorable, not to mention more deliciousNow, excuse us while we serve ourselves a huuuge slice of pancake-stack wedding cake ...


1. Pork pie wedding cake

The proof's not always in the pudding, y'know ... occasionally, it's in the pork pie. This unforgettable wedding pie can be decorated and filled with the porky flavour of your choice. Don't knock it 'till you've tried it.


2. Watermelon wedding cake

It's bright red, totally refreshing and held together with toothpicks. What more could you want for your big day?


3. Pancake wedding cake

These newlyweds from the US have definitely got their priorities sorted. Bring brunch to the party with this impressive pancake stack – just drizzle with maple syrup. Nom.

Pancake wedding cake

Photo: Vienna Glen Photography/


4. Ice-cream gelato cake

These lovely gelato cones are great if you don't fancy the formality of cutting a decorated cake. Just steer clear of the bride's dazzling white dress when you have one of those chocolate cones in hand ...


5. Wedding pie tower

If you can think of a better way to celebrate being joined together in holy matrimony than a tower of pies, then please let us know.

Wedding pie tower

Photo: Jose Villa Photography/


6. Cheese wheel wedding cake

Cheese lovers rejoice! Gooey brie, tangy cheddar, rich stilton – they can all have a place on your wedding table. Add cute labels, bright bunches of grapes and halved figs as garnish. Delish!

Cheese wheel wedding cake

Photo: Aneta MAK Photography/


7. Rainbow-fruit cookie wedding cake

This beautiful sugar cookie cake is easier to create than you'd think – it's just cookie layers, cream-cheese frosting and layers of multicoloured fruit. It's the simple things, eh?


8. Croquembouche wedding tower

Meaning 'crunches in the mouth' in French, this gorgeous tower is made by piling choux pastry balls and binding them with threads of caramel. C'est délicieux!

Croquembouche wedding tower

Photo: Lauren Carnes Photography/


9. Crème brûlée wedding tower

Another ingenious idea from across the Channel. These mini puds would be a pleasure to crack into – but really, any of your favourite sweets would work. Summer pudding, chocolate soufflé, panna cotta – the world is your ramekin-based dessert!


10. Cereal wedding layer cake

Ah, the impressive rainbow cereal cake. This recipe calls for sticky fruit roll-ups and coloured American cereal, but we think that Brit alternatives like Coco Pops and Cheerios will be just as yum.


11. The Great Wedding Bake Off

Finally, if you really must eat cake, then try this fun, budget-friendly idea. Guests can help to create the wedding spread by bringing their own impressive bakes to the party. Then it's over to the bride to do her best Mary Berry impression and choose her favourite.