Save time and money by cooking up larger batches of food, or whack them in the freezer and keep for a rainy day. Here are thirteen batch cook recipes that are good to have to hand

Image: 13 batch cook recipes that keep on giving


1. Chicken and green olive tagine

It’s easy to double this Moroccan-inspired recipe so you can serve for a weekend gathering but still have leftovers for dinner during the week. See recipe for Chicken and green olive tagine.


2. Tomato pasta sauce

This basic recipe is perfect for freezing to use later for pastas, lasagne or bakes. See recipe for Tomato pasta sauce.


3. Spring minestrone soup

This hearty soup with spaghetti and vegetables will make a great lunch, all week long. See recipe for Spring minestrone soup.


4. Watercress soup

Freeze this simple and delicious soup and serve as a first course at your next dinner party. See recipe for Watercress soup.


5. Chicken, chickpea and kale one-pot

This one-pot dish is that recipe to make when you’re lost for ideas for what to serve your brood. See recipe for Chicken, chickpea and kale one-pot.


6. Basic pancakes

Make a batch of these pancakes to freeze then defrost and serve for the family brekkie all week long. See recipe for Basic pancakes.


7. Homemade strawberry jam

Make homemade strawberry jam just like your nan used to make. Store for later use or put in nice jars as gifts for your friends. See recipe for Homemade strawberry jam.


8. Easy fresh pesto

Large batches of pesto can be served as a light snack with bread or to dress up any hot or cold pasta dishes. See recipe for Easy fresh pesto.


9. Chocolate and orange freezer cookies

Freeze this dough so that you can always make warm cookies to have with a good, strong cuppa in the afternoon, or a treat for the kids in the afternoon. See Chocolate and orange freezer cookies


10. Crunchy baked muesli

Make breakfast for the entire week with this recipe for delicious, chunky baked muesli. See recipe for Crunchy baked muesli.


11. Batch bake bread rolls

Serve these warm with preserves or on the side with your favourite spaghetti Bolognese. This recipe makes 16 rolls so freeze any extra to eat at a later date. See recipe for Batch bake bread rolls.


12. Kashmiri chicken korma

The flavours of this fragrant, creamy curry will only improve over time so why not cook up a large batch and store in the fridge for up to two days or in the freezer to eat later in the week. See recipe for Kashmiri chicken korma.


13. Vegetable lasagne

Packed with tasty veg, this meat-free dish will delight even those that aren’t necessarily vegetarian. See recipe for Vegetable lasagne.