Ditch the same old packed lunch sandwiches for these tasty tummy fillers including nutritious wraps, salads, dips, savoury muffins and more

Image: 14 simple alternatives to sandwiches

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1. Asian chicken and omelette wrap

This oriental style wrap uses eggs instead of traditional flat bread to hold the tasty filling inside. An ingenious way to cut down on carbs without losing out on taste. See recipe for Asian chicken and omelette wrap.

Asian chicken omelette wrap

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2. Courgette and white bean quesadillas

Serve these simple-to-make Mexican inspired quesadillas for supper and turn the leftovers into a yummy lunch box platter with a scattering of rocket leaves and some cherry tomatoes. Job done. See recipe for Courgette and white bean quesadillas.

Courgette and white bean quesadillas

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3. Cottage cheese and grated carrot and rocket pittas

This triptych of a dish is a real winner if you’re short on time. It’s just three attractively coloured lower-fat ingredients served side-by-side between a brown pitta. Win! See recipe for Cottage cheese and grated carrot and rocket pittas.

Cottage cheese grated carrot rocket pittas

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4. Cheese and ham muffins

Youngsters love savoury muffins – it’s almost like having cake for lunch. These zingy cheese and ham flavoured ones with grated courgette and buttermilk can be kept chilled in the fridge for up to three days. See recipe for Cheese and ham muffins.

Cheese and ham muffin

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5. Ham & cheese pinwheels

Reinvent the wheel with this classic combination of ham, soft cheese and fresh spinach, sliced and served as they’ve never seen before. Lovely. See recipe for Ham and cheese pinwheels.

Ham and cheese pinwheels

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6. Red pepper houmous

Kids love colourful food and this orange tinted houmous, which includes red pepper for added sweetness, will really hit the spot. See recipe for Red pepper houmous.

Red pepper houmous

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7. Chicken and salsa wrap

Fancy tickling their tastebuds with something a little bit spicy and a little bit crunchy? This scrumptious Mexican style chicken wrap should do the trick. See recipe for Chicken and salsa wrap.

Chicken salsa wrap

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8. Roasted vegetable and ham pasta salad

Pasta salads make a fabulous and filling lunchbox alternative. This one is a cinch to prepare and uses cream cheese as a dressing, sliced ham and lots of veg. Delish! See recipe for Roasted vegetable and ham pasta salad.

Roasted vegetable and ham pasta salad

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9. Falafel salad pittas

Brilliant bite-sized savoury pitta pockets stuffed with wholesome falafel and green leaves. Perfect for little hands (and mouths). Serve with houmous and crudités. See recipe for Falafel salad pittas.

Falafal salad pittas

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10. Mexican chicken wraps

Gorgeous guacamole, tangy plum tomatoes, succulent roast chicken breast and rocket. That’s lunch wrapped up then. See recipe for Mexican chicken wraps.

Mexican chicken wraps

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11. Naan bread pizza

For a truly multicultural midday meal, take their palettes on a geographical adventure with this tempting fusion of Italian inspired pizza toppings on Indian naan bread. See recipe for Naan bread pizza.

Naan bread pizza

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12. Cheesy chicken quesadilla

All the goodness of sliced chicken, grated carrot, spring onion and white cabbage fried and sandwiched between two floury tortillas with grated cheese. What’s not to like? See recipe for Cheesy chicken quesadilla.

Cheesy chicken quesadilla

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13. Mini chicken, sweetcorn and cheese pizzas

When it comes to lunchtime, forget supersizing - miniature is the way to go every time. These fun mini pizzas are just the right size for grabbing and gobbling. See recipe for Mini chicken, sweetcorn and cheese pizzas.

Mini chicken, sweetcorn and cheese pizzas

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