Treat your guests to scrumptious vegan Christmas starters, from rainbow salad with savoury granola to a family-style giant sweet potato skillet cake

These 13 vegan Christmas starter recipes will make a big impression on the big day. Make a batch of crispy cauliflower stuffed samosas or serve up flaky mushroom 'sausage' rolls to keep dinner prep time to a minimum. And if you're feeling really fancy, go the extra mile and whip up a vibrant medjool date, pistachio and bulgur wheat salad platter for everyone to share.


1. Cauliflower samosas and quick mango pickle

Cauliflower samosas and quick mango pickle

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These healthier samosas are stuffed with delicately spiced cauliflower florets and baked until crispy, rather than deep fried – so you don't have to stand around the hob forever and you can eat more than one. Yes! Get the recipe for cauliflower samosas and quick mango pickle


2. Sweet potato soup with blackberry and basil sauce

If you make just one soup this Christmas, let it be this silky-smooth sweet potato and coconut beauty. A sophisticated swirl of blackberry balsamic purée on top not only adds a burst of fruitiness, but also makes you look über posh in front of your guests. Get the recipe for sweet potato soup with blackberry and basil sauce.


3. Mushroom rolls

Use ready-made puff pastry to make scrumptious mushroom rolls with three types of mushrooms and cooked chestnuts. That's how we roll. Get the recipe for mushroom rolls.


4. Bulgur, broad beans and date salad

Bulgur, broad beans and date salad

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This festive salad is bejewelled with Medjool dates, broad beans, crunchy pistachios and bulgur wheat. Scatter over lemon zest and mint leaves and serve on a big platter. Get the recipe for bulgur, broad beans and date salad


5. Ginger carrot soup

Gwyneth Paltrow's ginger carrot soup

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This ginger carrot soup is an easy dinner party conversation starter. Serve this deliciously spiced winter soup with your favourite artisanal bread. Get the recipe for ginger carrot soup.


6. Vegan turmeric tofu kebabs

Kebabs at Christmas. Oh, go on then... These tasty vegan kebabs are coated in Indian spices and served with a cooling coconut yogurt and cucumber raita. And they are amazingly gluten-free too! Get the recipe for vegan turmeric tofu kebabs.


7. Roast tomato soup

This is no ordinary tomato soup. Juicy vine-ripened tomatoes are roasted with garlic until caramelised to make a rich and fulfilling starter. It's going to be tough act to follow. Get the recipe for roast tomato soup.


8. Red onion, orange and pomegranate salad

Red onion, orange and pomegranate salad

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Nothing sings 'festive' like pomegranate jewels scattered through a citrus salad. Do the right thing, and make this. Get the recipe for red onion, orange and pomegranate salad.


9. Fresh tomato bruschetta

Pair juicy tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil. It'll be love at first sight (and only takes 15 minutes). Get the recipe for fresh tomato bruschetta.


10. Supergreen soup with cashew cream

Supergreen soup with cashew cream

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Fresh broccoli, peas and baby spinach make this soup pop. Finish with a generous swirl of garlic infused vegan cashew cream. Get the recipe for supergreen soup with cashew cream.


11. Carrot ribbon salad with quinoa granola

This has to be the prettiest starter we've seen. Now that's what you call fancy. Make the granola ahead and store in an airtight container to save time. Get the recipe for carrot ribbon salad with quinoa granola.


12. Spicy carrot and coriander soup

Veggie crisps make a spectacular appearance in this spiced soup recipe. Add them just before serving, so they stay crunchy. Get the recipe for spicy carrot and coriander soup.


13. Sweet potato cakes with lime and avocado

Sweet potato cakes with lime and avocado

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Ginger-spiced sweet potato cakes are topped with punchy avocado salsa to make this colourful Christmas starter. Fry them as one big cake in a skillet for a rustic family-style sharing starter or make smaller, individual potato cakes for a group. Get the recipe for sweet potato cakes with lime and avocado.


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