Savoury, sweet and really easy to make – these will ensure your Bonfire Night gets off to a bang


1. Pulled pork rolls

Ultra tender, melt-in-the-mouth pork – and when served in a soft roll topped with a toffee apple sauce, it takes a sandwich to a whole new level.


2. Chunky chorizo and bean stew

Hot in temperature and spice, this is a stew that thinks it's a soup – and that's a winner for your party.


3. Meatball sloppy joes

A full-on-flavour meatball with lashings of tomato sauce.


4. Bonfire Night cake

This one has it all – sponge, chocolate and a great sparkle to make a party centrepiece.


5. Beef burger with homemade chips

Succulent and juicy, these burgers are great to eat around the bonfire.


6. Blueberry cookies to dip into your hot choc

Crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.


7. Coffee-rubbed pork ribs

It's well worth the wait to make these tender, flavoursome ribs.


8. Butternut squash and red pepper soup

The perfect combination, with the peppers adding a freshness to the sweet butternut squash.


9. Chocolate brownies

No frills with this classic recipe – crisp on the top and gooey in the middle.


10. Ham and asparagus muffins

These are great served warm from the oven and are easy to carry too.


11. Cornish pasties

A crispy pastry parcel packed with meat and root vegetables.


12. No-bake refrigerator cake  

Melt chocolate and combine with sweet treats, then just fill a baking tin and chill for a slice of chocolate heaven.


13. Spinach and egg calzones

Mini bakes filled with eggs and spinach – a great vegetarian snack.


14. Mexican steak bean burrito

Seasoned and pan fried for a few minutes, then all wrapped up in a tortilla.


15. Caramel toffee apples

With crisp toffee and juicy apples, these are easier to make than you think.


16. Pork and apple sausage rolls

Tasty bites of pork with a fruity twist. 


17. Marshmallow chocolate traybake

Fill a baking tin with a rich chocolate cake mix. Bake, top with mallows and brown them off.


18. Walnut-topped carrot cake

Carrot cake is always moist and flavourful, but topped with buttercream and walnuts it becomes a baking masterpiece.


19. Mini sausage pies

Lovely bites of  pork sausage with herbs, all baked in a light shortcrust pastry.


20. Toffee and pear strudel

The fruit softens as the pastry crisps to create a dessert that goes brilliantly with ice cream.


21. Salami and mushroom pizza

Topped with salami, lashings of cheese and tomato sauce, this is a great pizza to share.