We step into Manu's Kitchen where she ditches traditional flour and experiments with everything from spelt to quinoa flour

These aren't just pancakes. These are fluffy, maple syrup-drizzled, oatmeal pancakes that just happen to be gluten-free


Want flour-free bakes? We've got them thanks to chef, food writer and stylist Manu's Kitchen. From vegan-friendly banana brownie bread to deliciously chocolatey spelt cookies, she proves that using tasty alternatives to traditional flour like buckwheat, rice flour and spelt can lead to something deliciously different. 


Try these five from Manu's Kitchen that are a piece of cake to make. Enjoy.




1. Cookies and milk shot cups

This nostalgic treat may take you back to the school canteen but the modern twist is that these little cups are gluten-free. Made instead with coconut and quinoa flour, the dough is easy to shape using a muffin tin. Then, once cooked, drizzle with chocolate and pour in the milk. Happy slurping!


2. Buckwheat and teff flour bagels

If you're a coeliac like Manu, chances are you know what brunch FOMO (fear of missing out) feels like. Handily, these bagels are the real deal, and taste just as good packed with avocado smash as their gluteny counterparts. 


3. Spelt oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

These dangerously moreish cookies are a great dairy-free alternative. Made with spelt flour, coconut oil and almond milk, they don't expand as much as regular cookies and are more similar to energy bites – only, studded with dark chocolate chips. Nom nom nom.  


4. Vegan gluten free banana brownie bread

Part brownie, part banana bread, here's a hybrid bake we can get on board with. Made with ingredients you might not know existed – from soy buttermilk (great for fluffy pancakes) to raw coconut nectar (divine on waffles) – these brownie bites are surprisingly delicious. Trust.


5. Easy gluten free oatmeal pancakes

Gluten-free pancakes needn't be a pie in the sky – more a tasty stack on your plate. Made with oat flour, which you can make at home by whizzing of oats in a food processor, almond milk and eggs for extra fluffiness, you can also pop in blueberries, banana or chocolate chips for an American diner-style brunch. 

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