From warming chicken curry to fragrant Vietnamese soup, star anise is a great all rounder

Usually saved for your festive mulled wine, this aromatic spice delivers instant liquorice-like flavour and can be the star of your weekday meals, too. 


1. Sizzling sausage rice salad

Swap the bangers and mash for this crowd-pleasing dish cooked with star anise and served with cardamom-caramelised onions and veg-packed rice. 


2. Heartwarming Vietnamese soup

Perfect for chillier evenings, this pho (Vietnamese soup) gets its warming flavour from cinnamon, ginger and star anise. And it only takes 30 minutes to make.


3. Midweek chicken curry

For curry that cooks in half an hour, try this simple chicken recipe – it's bursting with store-cupboard spices, including star anise. 


4. Asian cod with stir-fried greens

Rev up the flavour with this 10-minute marinated cod. Add soy sauce, star anise, fish sauce and cinnamon and bake in a pot before serving with Asian greens.


5. Spicy chicken with star anise

Bored of using the same old herbs with chicken? Shake things up with this one-pan dish using onion and tomato and flavoured with fragrant star anise, cinnamon and fennel. 


Fancy something sweet? Try this…

Don’t forget to remove the star anise before enjoying your hot chocolate.

Star anise hot chocolate

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