Fed up with boring old sausages? Give these recipes a whirl instead

Image: Sausages

Christopher Craig/CC BY-SA 2.0/adapted/Flickr: kriztofor​

We love a sausage. But sometimes bangers and mash or toad in the hole just doesn't cut it, so here's some serious sausagespiration...


1. Sausage whirls with apples and mash

The Catherine wheel of the sausage world.


2. Sausage and cider casserole

Booze is good news in this tummy-filling stew.


3. Sausage and sun-soaked tomato sticks

The sweet acidity of the burnished tomatoes pair fabulously with cocktail sausages.


4 . Sausage rolls with harissa and roasted peppers

Chilli pepper paste and harissa makes these sausage rolls seriously hot stuff.

Sausage rolls with harissa and roasted peppers

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Tara Fisher


5. Piri piri baked sausages

Made from crushed chillies, citrus peel, paprika and herbs, Portuguese piri piri seasoning is a 60-second way to make sausages more exciting.