If you've popped a bottle of fizz over Christmas, pour a glass into these festive dishes for extra sparkle. Just like white wine, prosecco adds depth to your cooking along with a touch of luxury

You've added white wine to roast chicken and sloshed a little red wine into your beef sauce – so why not add a little prosecco to your cooking repertoire this Christmas? Prosecco keeps a roast chicken especially moist and adds floral notes to creamy panna cotta on Christmas Eve.


1. Dauphinoise fish pie

Fish pie

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Laura Edwards

Prosecco? Yes, not your usual ingredient for a fish pie, but it’s just like adding a little white wine. This prep-ahead recipe can be frozen for up to two weeks, ready for your guests to descend on Christmas Day. Get the recipe for dauphinoise fish pie.


2. Roast prosecco chicken

Covering chicken in prosecco is a great swap for rubbing butter over your roast, as it keeps the meat moist and brings a fruity accent from the bubbles. Serve with roast veg for any easy dinner party recipe, and use leftovers in a chicken salad or chicken curry the next day. Get the recipe for roast prosecco chicken.


3. Clementine and prosecco trifle

This traditional trifle has been revamped with juicy clementines, prosecco, pistachios and gold glitter sugar, which make a great showstopper for your New Year's Eve party. Get the recipe for clementine and prosecco trifle.


4. Strawberry and prosecco jellies

Strawberries and prosecco are a perfect match, and they're even better when combined with a childhood treat like jelly. This simple five-ingredient dessert will add sophistication to your Christmas parties and takes just 30 minutes to throw together. Get the recipe for strawberry and prosecco jellies.


5. Buttermilk honey panna cotta with sparkling lemon jelly

Buttermilk honey panna cotta with sparkling lemon jelly

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Dan Jones

Only 20 minutes stands between you and this elegant lemon prosecco dessert. Make it up to three days in advance to get ahead and just briefly dip the mould in hot water before serving for a smooth finish and easy release. Get the recipe for buttermilk honey panna cotta with sparkling lemon jelly.