Heard of the Nutellasagne? Here's all you need to know – and more


The Nutella burger

Here we go again: it's a Nutella remix that knocks the socks off the original. Behold the Nutella burger. Cut a plain sugared donut in half, fill with strawberries and a refrigerated circle of chocolate hazelnut goodness and a thin slice of mango. Oh. Yeah.

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Butter fried banana Nutella croissants

Woaaaah there. It's hard to think of anything more eyewateringly bad for you than this croissant, stuffed with Nuttella and banana and fried in browned butter. But it's winter. It's very cold outside and er ... you've been working very hard and it's not like you eat this sort of thing every day. What are you doing still here? Go and make one! We won't tell a soul.


Nutella and almond pizza

If you were just getting your head around the whole "what but that's meant to be savoury" thing then get ready to be gobsmacked by this sublime-looking biscuity pizza.

A few amaretti biscuits, some whipped vanilla cream, a few crushed almonds and a generous spreading of your fave nutty spread. Oh dear yum!!

almond nutella pizza

Via: popsugar.com


Nutella lasagne

Layers of pasta, cannoli custard, crunchy roasted hazelnuts, chopped Belgian chocolate and thick swirls of Nutella. It's the ultimate lard-arse treat and utter, utter genius.


Nutella latte

Or the "Nutellatte" if you will. Bring some nutty cheer to your morning filter coffee by blitzing up a couple of tablespoons of spread with milk, in a blender. If you like yours a bit richer, turn it up a notch with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a spicy boost. Who needs Starbucks?