We’ll be honest, you do have to eliminate roast potatoes. But creamy dauphinoise and Yorkshire puddings are still coming. Here’s how lighter roast lunch is done

Image: 500 calorie roast lunch? Oh, go on then

Let’s face it, not much beats digging into a Sunday roast piled high with all the trimmings. Spilling gravy down your favourite cosy jumper, you and yours demonstrating the art of passing veg and crackling up and down the table without having to take your eyes off your plate, like synchronised swimming with horseradish. It’s weekend foodie bliss.


Unless you’re trying to eat healthier, in which case it’s a calorie minefield – and even the dishes you thought were safe (gravy) aren’t (meat juices).

500 calorie roast dinner

But you don’t have to go without, trying to ignore the roast spuds calling for you while you consider whether or not to dip your single celery stick into Nanna’s homemade apple sauce. Instead, we’ve formulated a seriously tasty roast dinner that comes in at under 500 calories per plateful. It’s even got a Yorkshire pud. Yes, Sunday.


Buttermilk roast chicken

buttermilk chicken recipe

This guy is really moist and tasty, but whereas lots of roast chicken recipes come in at more than 400 calories per portion, this one’s a mere 298. And you get a really substantial portion. You might even have leftovers. The buttermilk and rosemary marinade will make the skin all crispy and delish without having to add any actual butter, plus the lemon and garlic flavour this meat so beautifully it'll smell as good as it tastes.


Celeriac dauphinoise​

We tried to create a low-calorie roast potato recipe, we really did, but in the end we went for a potato dauphinoise/cauliflower cheese hybrid: celeriac dauphinoise. It’s a sensation – crispy on the top, creamy and soft in the middle and that sauce even acts as gravy’s stand-in. Basically, lessening your Sunday calories is all about the roast dinner dish hybrid, which is now a thing. You heard it here first.



Carrots and broccoli

Roasts are lovely, but they’re beige. You need veg – and boiled carrots and broccoli will still bring the meal in under your calorie limit. Keep your carrots chunky, and slice them vertically for a really substantial bite, then cut your broccoli nice and big so your plate's still got that traditional wedge of colour. 


Yorkshire puds

Everyone’s favourite bit. It was tricky finding a Yorkshire with the calorie count to fit within the 500 mark – we tried homemade, tiny, vegan, the lot. But in the end, the least calorific Yorkie was this Sainsbury’s frozen version – crispy, indulgent and embarrassingly easy to cook, leaving you more time to feel Sunday smug. Plus, when you're caring less about calorie counting, you can use the leftovers to make these Yorkshire pudding desserts. It's all about balance, people.