What to cook on Bonfire Night? Sausages of course! And these sizzling recipes will be a sure-fire hit

7 Bonfire Night banger recipes

What better to cook on Bonfire night than bangers!  If you need another reason, it's also British Sausage Week (3-9 November 2014). Genius, huh? Why not go bonkers for bangers with these tasty (and cheap) crowd pleasers ...

1. Cheesy tomato and sausage pasta

Trust us now. This is no ordinary pasta bake. Dig into sausage chunks, courgette slices and soft pasta shells, all in a creamy crème fraîche sauce. You’ll need to be quick if you want seconds.

2. Boston baked beans with sausages

Black treacle and English mustard give these homemade beans a kick you won’t get from a can. Finish by stirring the juicy chargrilled sausages into the sauce, grab a big spoon and ladle into bowls. Warms the cockles right up.

3. Sausage and butterbean hotpot

Stop teeth chattering after watching the fireworks with this hearty sausage, bean and tomato stew. Prepare the night before and simply warm it up when you get in for the easiest of late night suppers.

4. Sausage and cider casserole

Pork and apple go together like bangers and mash, so try this chunky sausage casserole made with cider. All you need is Rosie and a few mates to share it all with.

5. Marmalade and cranberry sausages 

Cranberries and orange zest give these sweet ’n’ sticky sausages a mouthwatering tang, and you can always use dried cranberries if you can’t find fresh. Best thing to do is plonk them on the table and stand back – the kids are going to go wild. 

6. Quick sausage cassoulet

Bonfire night’s no time to be slaving over the stove, so throw together this easy banger and bean stew. Smoked paprika gives it some punch and stuffing makes a cracking crunchy topping. Oh, and it's ready in just 30 minutes. Win and erm, win.

7. Piri-piri baked sausages

A touch of piri-piri seasoning gives these sausages more bang for your buck. Dish up with the homemade sauce and roasted cherry toms to silence rumbling tums.