Here’s how to make tasty treats using their favourite fruits

Image: 7 delicious ways to make fruit irresistible to kids

Via: Sainsbury's


1. Microwave cinnamon apples

This is a bit like eating the delicious innards of an apple pie, and it only takes 10 minutes out of your busy summer schedule. To make it, sprinkle apple chunks with cinnamon and sugar and give them a zap in the microwave to make them soft and sweet.


2. Strawberry and banana ice lollies

These colourful lollies are bursting with fresh summer flavour and couldn’t be easier to make. Whizz up bananas, strawberry, honey and orange juice in a food processor, then pour into lolly moulds and freeze.


3. Fruity rolls

Also known as ‘fruit leather’, this is a clever way to turn the kids’ favourite fruit into delicious chewy treats. We’ve gone for mango, but you could also try strawberry, peach and apple.


4. Easiest-ever watermelon lollies

No mixing, blending or even freezing required here. Just pick your favourite cookie-cutter shape, cut shapes from sliced watermelon and pile up on a plate. You’ll get loads out of one watermelon, so it’s great for a larger clan of kids.


5. Frozen banana penguins

You can make bananas look EXACTLY like cartoon penguins with a bit of melted chocolate and some fondant and Smarties for features. Who knew?


6. Kiwi chocolate bites

Kiwi slices make the perfect-sized treat for little ones. Freeze and dip into melted chocolate and coconut oil and it will harden into a shell in a few seconds. 


7. Sensational smoothies

If you find yourself throwing fruit away before you’ve had the chance to eat it, prep some individual-sized smoothie bags for the freezer, then whack straight into the blender when you’re ready for refreshment.

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