TV time means snack time, especially when you're watching the World Cup from the comfort of your sofa. We've got epic snack recipes to keep you company during the World Cup, and they can all be made in 15 minutes during half-time. Score!

Image: 7 easy snacks you can make during half-time

Don't just crack open a bag of peanuts during the World Cup games: make 15-minute snacks instead. From chunky guacamole and juicy chicken kebabs, to the ultimate salt and vinegar crisp sandwich, these 7 quick and easy snacks are the perfect game-night munchies. 


1. Cheesy chicken quesadilla

Make Mexican-inspired chicken quesadillas in 11 minutes with ready-cooked roast chicken, veggies, cheddar cheese and tortillas. It doesn't get easier than that. Get the recipe for cheesy chicken quesadilla


2. Ultimate salt and vinegar crisp sandwich

Grab a handful of salt and vinegar crisps and sandwich them between thick slices of bread with pickles, mature cheddar cheese and onion. Winning! Get the recipe for the ultimate salt and vinegar crisp sandwich. 

3. Chunky guacamole

You don't really need a recipe for guacamole, but just in case... We like to serve it with crunchy vegetables and a handful of tortilla chips. Get the recipe for guacamole


4. Curried chicken kebabs

Apricot jam and hot curry powder give these kebabs a spicy, fruity kick. Add 5 minutes extra-time to the recipe if you'd like to serve it with pitta breads and a side salad. Get the recipe for curried chicken kebabs


5. Mini veggie pizzas

Cut crusty baguettes in half and set up a DIY pizza station with tomato sauce, pizza toppings and cheese for the easiest half-time World Cup snacks. This recipe has peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn but you can get as creative as you like with toppings. Get the recipe for mini veggie pizzas


6. Microwave quiche in a cup 

Microwave quiche in a cup: for when you don't want to share your snacks. And you can chuck all the dirty cups in the dishwasher at the end, with no washing up. Easy peasy. Get the recipe for microwave quiche in a cup


7. Sticky pear and toffee microwave pudding

Got a sweet tooth? Traditional sticky toffee pudding gets a 15-minute makeover in the microwave with pears instead of dates. Just don't forget to take the ice cream out of the freezer in time. Get the recipe for ​sticky pear and toffee microwave puddings.