Here are 7 of the cutest Easter bunny recipes ever, from iced biscuits and cupcakes to a surprise-in-the-middle bunny loaf cake

7 of the cutest Easter bunny recipes

Make your Easter weekend extra special with adorable bunny-shaped treats. A scoop of indulgent hot cross bunny ice cream sundae is a great way to use up leftover hot cross buns, or you could surprise the family with a hidden Easter bunny loaf. Instead of a traditional Easter egg hunt, try our irresistible gingerbread biscuit puzzle with the kids – the winner gets extra biscuits! 


1. Easter bunny shortbread biscuits

These bunny mouth biscuits take just 35 minutes to make and they turn it into a fun party game too. You'll need black icing pens, jelly tots and pretty bows. Get the recipe for Easter bunny shortbread biscuits.


2. Hidden Easter bunny loaf cake

Hidden cakes are the easiest way to show off your baking skills. Cut bunny shapes out of chocolate cake using a cookie cutter. Next, place the bunny-shaped cake in the middle of a loaf tin, pour over vanilla cake batter and bake again. You now have a surprise-inside cake. Ta-da! Get the recipe for hidden Easter bunny loaf cake


3. Hot cross bunny ice cream sundae 

If you ever find yourself with leftover hot cross buns, make them into irresistible croutons to sprinkle on top of an Easter ice cream sundae. The meringue bunny ears are optional, but you're most definitely going to need them to scoop up the ice cream, chocolate sauce, mini eggs and whipped cream. Get the recipe for hot cross bunny ice cream sundae.


4. Easter bunny cookies

Round up the junior MasterChefs of the house, and set up an Easter biscuit icing station with icing pens, dried fruits, mini marshmallows and an assortment of colourful sweeties. Get the recipe for Easter bunny cookies.


5. Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes

Sometimes, only a vanilla cupcake with chocolatey buttercream will take care of that intense dessert craving. These cuties are topped with fondant bunnies and readymade chocolate eggs. Get the recipe for Easter nest cupcakes

Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes

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6. Gingerbread Easter biscuit puzzle

Make a giant gingerbread biscuit puzzle to keep the kids occupied this Easter. They're fun to decorate and even more fun to play with. Get the recipe for gingerbread puzzle.


7. Chocolate carrots

OK. So these aren't strictly speaking bunny-shaped. But all Easter bunnies eat carrots, right? Especially when they're made of strawberries dipped in chocolate. Get the recipe for chocolate carrots