Drop the ketchup. These clever yet simple BBQ sauces are guaranteed to spice up your summer grilling. Choose from fresh chimichurri parsley and chilli sauce, to slow-roasted garlic dip or creamy peanut satay sauce

Image: 7 Simple BBQ sauces that aren’t ketchup

Leave the ketchup in the fridge where it belongs. These summery BBQ sauces are fresh, full of herbs and spices, and seriously tasty. Rub grilled corn with zhoug, a Middle Eastern hot sauce made with coriander, parsley and green chillies. Or make a zesty green chimichurri sauce for steak. If you're not sure how to serve these vibrant sauces, our handy guide below will sort you out.


1. Spicy zhoug sauce

Zhoug is the new hot sauce in town and it doesn't come in a bottle. You can make it using simple pantry staples of parsley, coriander, white wine vinegar and olive oil. Get the recipe for spicy zhoug sauce.


Goes well with: Roasted vegetables, grilled lamb, or as a salad dressing.


2. Aïoli garlic mayonnaise

Garlic makes everything taste better. Just add a few cloves to a jar of mayonnaise for an instant flavour explosion. Get the recipe for aïoli garlic mayonnaise.


Goes will with: Rotisserie chicken, tempura prawns, or crudités. 


3. Blue cheese and yogurt dip

Chicken wings and blue cheese dip are best friends forever. Best not to break them up. This recipe uses creamy blue cheese, natural yogurt, lemon juice and dill – nothing more and nothing less.  Get the recipe for blue cheese and yogurt dip.


Goes well with: Chicken wings, piri piri chicken, or celery sticks. 


4. Spicy tomato dipping sauce

If you love dunking potato wedges in more tomato sauce than is considered appropriate, this homemade spicy tomato ketchup is for you. Get the recipe for spicy tomato dipping sauce


Goes well with: Crisps, nachos or potato wedges, obviously. 


5. Satay sauce

This cheat's version of satay sauce is made with creamy peanut butter, soy sauce, lime juice and ginger. If you're not a fan of peanut butter, try making it with other nut butters instead. Get the recipe for satay sauce


Goes well with: Chicken and beef skewers, prawns, or grilled burgers. 


6. Roasted garlic dip

Vegan or not, this roasted garlic dip is worth the 45-minute wait, we promise. Squeeze a whole roasted, caramelised garlic bulb into a bowl of dairy-free yogurt to make this utterly delicious dip. Get the recipe for roasted garlic dip


Goes well with: Grilled pitta bread, sweet potato wedges, or veggie fritters. 


7. Chimichurri

This Argentinean favourite is made with coriander, parsley, chilli and a squish of lemon. We love it on steak, but it's just as good on grilled veggies and burgers too. Get the recipe for​ chimichurri


Goes well with: Ribeye steak, charred cauliflower steak, or garlic bread.