Let your freezer help you to create delicious meals with speed and ease

Image: 7 ways to transform frozen ingredients into tasty dinners

A small collection of basic ingredients in the freezer is your fast track to easy and delicious dinners. We’re talking pre-chopped onions and garlic, rice that can be added straight to the pan, mixed chopped peppers for a colourful crunch, the list goes on. Here’s how you can transform a few freezer ingredients into delicious dinners for the family.


1. Mexican sausage and bean chilli with rice

Chopping stuff always seems to take longer than it should. So when you’re stuck for time, this winter warmer of a recipe that includes chopped frozen onions and garlic  is a life-saver. See recipe for Mexican sausage and bean chilli with rice.

2. Spiced chicken rice

Frozen rice  is here to save the day. This simple one-pot dish with Asian flavours is both delicious and super-quick to prepare, and there’s no faffing around with uncooked rice – just stir the frozen rice in and heat it up. Quite frankly, it’s a revelation. See recipe for Spiced chicken rice.

3. Bacon and pepper potato pan fry

There’s something very satisfying about these rustic-looking potato cakes which can be made with frozen mash, a scattering of herbs and bacon medallions. Serve with aioli and a side of mixed vegetables for a scrumptiously filling winter meal. See recipe for Bacon and pepper potato pan fry.

4. Chicken and chorizo paella

It’s easy to see why paella is an everyday favourite of the Spanish. Easy to prepare, packed with flavour and great for feeding larger groups - it’s hard to beat. This recipe uses frozen chopped onion and garlic, so there’s altogether less mess and prep time. What’s not to like? See recipe for Chicken and chorizo paella.

5. Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetable and pepper platter

Keep veggie guests happy by adding this mega-quick recipe to your dinner party repertoire. On the table in under 15 minutes and bursting with veg – easy. See recipe for Chargrilled Mediterranean vegetable and pepper platter.

6. Meatball goulash

A hearty Hungarian-inspired accompaniment to spaghetti packed with tomatoes, mixed peppers and mouth-watering meatballs. This’ll warm the cockles on a chilly winter’s night. See recipe for Meatball goulash.

7. Speedy chicken fajita baguettes

The kids will love this simple spin on Mexican fajitas made with chicken strips and chopped onion and garlic . See recipe for Speedy chicken fajita baguettes.