Looking for something lunchbox-friendly but equally nutritious for them to tuck into? These fun and tasty lunches should do the job


1. Falafel salad pittas

These pittas make a yummy alternative to sandwiches and are perfect for a day picnicing in the garden. 


2. Tomato and mozzarella salad with croutons

Salads needn't be boring. This wholesome combo uses vine tomatoes, cucumber, basil and cubed ciabatta – think of it as a delicious de-constructed sandwich.


3. Courgette tortilla wedges

Make these cheesy tortilla wedges - can be stored to have in the fridge for snacks too. 


4. Broccoli and pesto pasta salad

Pasta salad makes a delicious, light lunch during the summer. This recipe is easy to make and take with you but still full of flavour.


5. Chicken, avocado and black bean wrap

Make this delicious combination the night before to save time, then add the avocado fresh in the morning.


6. Italian pressed sandwich

Get the kids to help you assemble the layers of this tasty and filling Italian pressed loaf. 


7. Bacon and pepper frittata

A hearty one-pan dish that can be cooked up for dinner and is perfect for lunch leftovers the next day.


8. Chicken and salsa wraps

Salsa and corn make a standard chicken wrap much more exciting!


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