Keep the cries of “I’m hungry!” at bay by cooking up a few simple homemade snacks

Prepare ahead with these tasty recipes. Just clear some room in the freezer and get set for a lot of satisfied tums.


1. Falafel salad pittas

These falafel salad pittas can be prepared the night before or assembled quickly. They're great if your kids have veggie friends over to play, and perfect lunchbox fillers – a good way to get your kids into salad and a brilliant alternative to sandwiches on the go. Just keep them chilled in the fridge until you need them. 


2. Plum and nectarine oat bars

Even if baking isn’t your forte, you’ll find these chewy, fruity plum and nectarine oat bars a doddle to whip up – and the kids will love them. Make a large batch and keep them in the freezer for weekends when you don’t have time to prepare for the week ahead. Divide them into rectangles and pop on a platter if you’re feeding the 5,000 or if unexpected guests, big or little, drop by for tea.

Plum and nectarine oat bars

Via:  Sainsbury's


3. Courgette fritters

If your kids always turn their noses up at vegetables, they clearly haven’t tried these delicious courgette fritters yet. Crispy on the outside and temptingly moreish, they’re extra delicious served with a small bowl of ketchup or a spicy sauce. Why not try adding sesame seeds to the coating for extra crunch, a nutty flavour and a shot of omega-6?

Courgette fritters

Via:  Sainsbury's


4. Spinach and cheese omelette wraps

These spinach and cheese omelette wraps are fantastically versatile and an easy way to sneak the veg into their diets. Disguised by fantastically filling egg and tangy cheese, these wraps include a colourful assortment of spinach, spring onions and cherry tomatoes, but you could always try a range of vegetables – mushrooms, leeks, asparagus and peppers are all good options. Wrap in foil to make them instantly portable, and they’ll make easy finger food for younger children too.

Spinach and cheese omelette wraps

Via:  Sainsbury's


5. Spiced apple thins

When the kids are asking for salty snacks and crisps, jazz up a portion of nutritious fruit with these super-simple spiced apple thins. You can make them at a moment’s notice and prepare them in 10 minutes flat – using their cooking time to put your feet up for a bit. Coated in cinnamon, sweet and chewy, they’re delicious served warm in a parchment-wrapped cup with a little yogurt on the side as a dip.


6. Savoury carrot and courgette muffins

Muffins don’t have to be the calorific, sugar-laden treat they often are. These savoury carrot and courgette muffins make a tasty savoury snack that’s low in sugar and includes plenty of vegetables. A lighter alternative to bread, you could try serving them alongside chilled soup or warm on their own. Make a large batch and freeze half, so you always have some healthy options on hand.


7. Mini veggie pizzas

Everyone loves pizza, but the secret of these mini veggie pizzas is that they’re actually loaded with a variety of vegetables, including tender sweetcorn and chestnut mushrooms. Even better, they’re ready to eat in under 20 minutes and you can get the kids involved in making their own combinations – a fast fix for fussy eaters.


8. Sweet potato wedges

Swap chips for a bowlful of sweet potato wedges and give yourself some mum brownie points. These spicy delights satisfy two cravings in one for flavourful food and healthy snacks. Served with a cooling dip, they’re a neat treat for the kids but you’ll also find they go great with lunches and dinners – and count as one of your five a day.


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