Don’t miss out on any of the Bonfire Night action – these warming one-pots can be left to simmer away while you enjoy the fun

Rich and warming, a delicious one-pot dish is ideal for Bonfire Night. From tender pork belly and lentils to a spicy veggie squash stew, leave them bubbling in the pan while you watch the fireworks, then come home and feast together. 


1. Sausage, butter bean and tomato hotpot

​This warming one-pot is a fancy take on beans and sausages. Plenty of crusty bread is required to mop up the rich sauce. 


2. Roast pork and lentil braise

Pork belly works perfectly in this one-pot wonder, which allows the meat to go deliciously tender... Add more mustard if you want an extra warming kick.


3. Rich oxtail stew

Please guests with this home-cooked stew. What they don’t need to know is that you can prep most of it the day before and then just add the veg when you’re ready to reheat. Serve with a piping hot mash for a warming feast. 


4. Spicy squash and butter bean stew

The pomegranate molasses add a hint of sweetness for a tagine-style feel. It goes great with a dollop of yogurt and warm flatbread, too. 


5. Lamb and vegetable casserole

This classic casserole is the perfect way to use up any leftover lamb from a roast. Plus, it’s ready to serve in just an hour, so it's ideal for hungry Bonfire Night goers. 


6. Chicken, paprika, chickpea and kale pot

A pinch of paprika adds a smoky flavour to this chicken one-pot – spot on for Bonfire Night. The recipe calls for chicken thighs, that when slowly cooked will become tender and juicy. Warm bread completes the meal. 


7. Beef and parsnip hotpot

​The classic hotpot can’t be beaten – especially the extra crispy potatoes on top! The comforting aroma of slow-cooked beef will fill your home as you enjoy the Bonfire Night festivities. 


8. Pork stew with black-eyed beans and chocolate

This Mexican-inspired pork stew calls for a little dark chocolate, which adds a sumptuous richness. Sides of avocado and sour cream are a must.


9. Vegetarian sausage, butternut and red pepper stew

A twist on a traditional sausage one-pot, this is made with veggie sausages and quinoa. It’s super simple, so ideal for a warming midweek dinner too.  


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