When the family are descending on you for Easter weekend, these slow-cook recipes will save the day. A few minutes prep, and the rest takes care of itself.

These tasty dishes use seasonal produce and pretty much cook themselves. When it comes to weekend cooking, we love a one-pot stew, roast or hotpot that's quick to put together with hardly any washing up. Choose from meaty crowd-pleasers like a pork shoulder pot roast, to satisfying veggie alternatives like our barley and bean stew.


1. Slow-cooked lamb shank

Cardamom, cinnamon sticks and clove add a subtle spice to this low and slow lamb shank recipe. Add a pinch of saffron and scatter over pomegranate seeds for a Middle Eastern-inspired splash of colour. Get the recipe for slow-cooked lamb shank.


2. Slow-cooker chicken with herby baby jersey royals

Slow cooking this dish ensures wonderfully succulent chicken and tender vegetables, whether you use a slow cooker or a casserole in the oven. Get the recipe for slow-cooker chicken with herby baby jersey royals.


3. Pork shoulder pot roast

Succulent pork shoulder cooked in cider with root vegetables and apples makes the perfect family lunch. Slow cooking the meat makes it melt in the mouth, and the veg caramelises as they cook down, resulting in a flavoursome one-pot meal with sweet notes of apple. Get the recipe for pork shoulder pot roast.


4. Sausage, butterbean and tomato hotpot

This American-style pork-and-bean classic is a family favourite that's ready in less than hour. Fry the sausages from frozen, then tip everything else in at once and leave it on the hob until it’s ready. Pulses make this a healthier, hearty supper best served with your favourite greens. Get the recipe for sausage, butterbean and tomato hotpot.


5. Braised lamb with hasselback potatoes

Neck fillets of lamb cooked slowly in the oven take on an almost ‘pulled’ texture so you can shred the meat to serve. Kale is the perfect accompaniment, and clever hasselback potatoes have the crunch of roasties with the fluffiest insides. Get the recipe for braised lamb with hasselback potatoes.


6. Lancashire hotpot

Tender lamb and kidneys combine in a rich onion gravy to make a satisfying casserole. Sliced potato layered over the meaty filling and brushed with melted butter creates a delicious crust on a classic dish. Get the recipe for Lancashire hotpot.


7. Barley and bean vegetable stew

Nutritious, filling and inexpensive, this one-pot meal is ready in just over and hour and uses canned vegetables to reduce cooking time. Beans and barley give a satisfying chunky texture, while the tomatoes, pesto and parmesan add an Italian flavour. Get the recipe for barley and bean vegetable stew.


8. Meatball, lentil and cabbage hotpot

This recipe uses ready-made meatballs to save time and help you cook like a pro. Add green vegetables at the end of cooking to retain their bite and bring some springtime colours to the dish. The best bit: you'll be ready to serve it up within an hour. Get the recipe for meatball, lentil and cabbage hotpot.


9. Lemon and garlic roast chicken

Lemon and chicken are a match made in heaven. Add in some garlic and herbs and you've got a a mouthwatering roast. The citrus cuts through the thyme butter, so all you have to do is baste the bird from time to time during cooking, then rest and carve. Get the recipe for lemon and garlic roast chicken.