Make an epic vegan Christmas feast with these something-to-be-proud-of recipes. From creamy risotto to classic nut roast and even a spiral vegetable tart, it's a vegan Christmas miracle

Vegans rejoice! You're in for a treat this Christmas. Tuck into belly-warming pumpkin farro risotto with vegan pesto or an intricate spiral vegetable tart that's mesmerising and delicious. There's even a classic nut roast en croûte for the traditionalists. Let the feasting commence...


1. Spiced whole roasted cauliflower

The humble cauliflower makes incredible fried rice, delicious pizza crusts, moist chocolate cakes and even gluten-free cheese toasties. But have you heard of a whole cauliflower roast? It’s the best vegetarian showstopper yet! Get the recipe for spiced whole roasted cauliflower.


2. Vegan cottage pie

Vegan mushroom cottage pie with a crispy potato lid is our Christmas wish. What’s yours? Get the recipe for vegan cottage pie.


3. Vegan hasselback vegetable tart

Rainbow carrots are the star of the show in this beautiful vegan recipe. Hidden beneath the veggies is a creamy layer of garlicky butternut squash purée that complements the crunchy hazelnut topping. Get the recipe for vegan hasselback vegetable tart.


4. Vegan butternut, Brussels sprout and chestnut pie

Make your own vegan pastry with ground walnuts and vegetable spread for the ultimate vegan comfort food recipe. A trio of seasonal butternut squash, Brussels sprouts and chestnuts makes this pie extra festive. Get the recipe for vegan butternut, Brussels sprout and chestnut pie.


5. Spiral vegetable tart

This show-stopping vegetable tart is worth every bit of effort to roll courgettes, carrots and aubergines into the perfect spiral. Just try not to stare at the concentric circles for too long or you might get dizzy. Get the recipe for spiral vegetable tart.


6. Nut roast en croûte

A Christmas without a nut roast is... we can't even finish that sentence. This festive nut roast is encased in ready-rolled vegan puff pastry and has a juicy mushroom, chestnut and lentil centre. It's an oldie but a goldie. Get the recipe for nut roast en croûte.


7. Pumpkin farro risotto with sage and pesto

Use vegan cream sherry instead of white wine and swap boring risotto rice for farro to make this comforting vegan recipe. Finish off with a drizzle of punchy kale and sage pesto for a winter warmer you'll want to make on repeat. Get the recipe for pumpkin farro risotto with sage and pesto.


8. Mushroom stroganoff

Three types of mushrooms and a whole bunch of fresh thyme elevates this vegan dish to earthy comfort food status. And it just happens to be gluten-free too. The only thing you'll have to worry about is extra blankets for your guests to spend the night, because they won't want to leave after such a satisfying meal. Get the recipe for mushroom stroganoff.


9. Middle Eastern saffron and roasted aubergine pilaf

Fry baby aubergines in ras el hanout North African spice mix for a seriously flavourful vegan rice dish that's studded with dried cranberries and flaked almonds. Serve this saffron-infused pilaf on an impressive platter with our vegan cashew and cucumber raita for a real feast. Get the recipe for Middle Eastern saffron and roasted aubergine pilaf.


Inspired to make your own vegan desserts? Try our ultimate vegan Christmas desserts. Or make one of our vegan Christmas starters to get the feast going.