Petrifying punches, creepy canapés and malevolent main courses. Here are all the recipes you need for a truly spook-tacular night …

It's smokin': keep some pumpkin punch on the go this Halloween ...

Planning a Halloween party just for the grown-ups? This spine-chilling mix of Halloween-themed recipes is all you need and more.


3 scrumptious dishes to share

Get your party off to a screamingly good start with these tasty nibble and dip recipes – perfect for big Halloween shindigs.


1. Roasted sugar pumpkins with cheese 'fondue'

Hollowed-out sugar pumpkins (that's mini pumpkins to us Brits) filled with oozing and delicious cheese fondue is simply made for sharing. Perfect with mini roast potatoes and chunks of baguette to dip inside.


2. Mini batty cheese balls

These tasty cream cheese bats come with their own blue-corn tortilla wings, so no crackers required. Use sliced olives stuffed with pimentos to make their peeping eyes.


3. Ghostly graveyard dip

Let your imagination run wild and top a simple hummus, avocado and spinach dip with cracker tombstones, broccoli and celery trees. Oh, and don't forget the pretzel fence to keep those wailing quail egg ghosts in.



3 monstrous mains to fill everyone up

These more substantial Halloween dishes are sure to impress larger groups of party guests – monster mash optional.


1. Pumpkin soup

Well it wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkins would it? And topped with garlicky sage pesto and spicy fried pumpkin seeds this dish is indisputably delicious in its own right.


2. Colcannon mac and cheese

Vampire-proof your guests with this gorgeously garlicky twist to an autumn favourite. Fancy serving optional ... it looks just as good in one big dish.


3. Spooky eyeball tacos

A sight for sore eyes? Tuck into these crunchy taco shells crammed with mince, cheese and salsa. You might feel you're being watched.



3 devilish Halloween cocktails strictly for grown-ups

Nothing says 'party time' like a cauldron of cocktails. Here are three adults-only concoctions to get the Halloween spirits flying …


1. Spooky citrus sangria

Just sit this easy-peasy Halloween cocktail down next to a big ladle and let everyone help themselves. Made with orange liqueur, brandy and white wine, it's a marriage made in heaven, well … hell. It is Halloween, after all.


2. Zombie shot shooters

Eww. What looks like shrivelled zombie brains in preservative fluid is actually curdled Baileys, vodka and lime juice. Just the thing to creep your friends out and get the party started. 


3. Smokin’ pumpkin punch

Spiced rum, citrus juice and pumpkin purée make for a truly tasty Halloween brew. Serve in a hollowed-out pumpkin billowing spooky clouds of dry ice for extra impact. Very Beetlejuice … and very moreish indeed.


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