Mince pies are boring. So get creative this year with our mince pie toasties, mince pie brownie tarts and decadent mince pie cheesecake

Classic mince pies get a makeover with these nine surprising mince pie recipes. From marshmallow-topped mini mince pies to an elegant mince pie Christmas tree and a whopping mince pie streusel tart, we're taking mince pies to the next level.


1. Chocolate mince pie brownie tart

Turn leftover mincemeat into a next-level kind of dessert: a cross between mince pies, brownies and a chocolate tart. This decadent showstopper will be your new favourite Christmas pudding. Get the recipe for chocolate mince pie brownie tart.


2. Mince pie puff pastry strudel

Why have one small mince pie when you could make a big one wrapped up in puff pastry? It's delicious served with brandy butter, custard or vanilla ice cream. Get the recipe for mince pie puff pastry strudel.


3. Marshmallow mince pies

Use a star nozzle to pipe snowy peaks of marshmallow on to each mince pie and make them extra christmassy. This trick works just as well with shop-bought or homemade mince pies. Get the recipe for marshmallow mince pies.


4. Gluten-free mincemeat streusel tart

Gluten-free mincemeat streusel tart

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

This Christmas miracle recipe of delicious dairy-free and gluten-free streusel tart has all the festive flavours. Get the recipe for gluten-free mincemeat streusel tart.


5. Mince pie toastie

Swap the bread with ready-rolled puff pastry to create this yummy treat in your toastie machine. Add an extra touch with a serving of mascarpone and a dusting of icing sugar. Get the recipe for mince pie toastie.


6. Brownie mince pies

Brownie mince pies

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Martin Poole

These decadent chocolate brownie mince pies can be made a few days ahead and finished off with whipped cream and cranberries just before serving. Get the recipe for brownie mince pies.


7. Mince pie baked cheesecake

Ready-made, free-from mince pies are crumbled into a creamy ricotta filling to make a festive gluten-free baked cheesecake with a difference. Get the recipe for mince pie baked cheesecake.


8. Boozy mince pies

Add a drop of whisky to classic mince pies to enhance the flavour and give grown-ups a treat. Get the recipe for boozy mince pies.


9. Gluten-free mince pies

Gluten- free mince pies

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Laura Edwards

Pick up ready-made gluten-free mincemeat or use our quick recipe to make your own. These mince pies keep well, so you've got a great excuse to make plenty. Get the recipe for gluten-free mince pies.