Use up leftover hot cross buns to make fruity French toast, luscious bread and butter pudding, Easter waffles, or hot cross bun croutons. Or make your own tear-and-share hot cross bun wreath for everyone to share. Here are 9 things you didn't know you could do with the humble hot cross bun

Image: 9 things you didn’t know you could do with hot cross buns

Make your Easter a hot-cross-bun-filled celebration with these 9 hot cross bun recipes with a twist. Expect the unexpected, including fluffy hot cross scones, decadent bun and butter pudding, and Chetna Makan's Indian-inspired cardamom hot cross bun French toast.


1. Hot cross bun croutons

Melted brown butter and crunchy demerara sugar make irresistible hot cross bun croutons. Eat them on their own or use as ice cream toppings like we did in this hot cross bun crouton recipe.


2. Hot cross bun fruity French toast

Forget French toast, use leftover hot cross buns to make mini blueberry French toast instead. Drizzle with honey before eating the whole thing in one big bite. Get the recipe for hot cross bun fruity French toast.


3. Hot cross bun waffles

Bring out the waffle iron – we're having chocolate hot cross buns for breakfast. With ice cream on top. Get the recipe for hot cross bun waffles.

4. Hot cross buns with bacon

Salty, crispy bacon makes everything taste better. Especially toasted hot cross buns. Get the recipe for hot cross buns with bacon.


5. Hot cross bun and butter pudding

Did you know hot cross buns make spectacular bread and butter puddings. This recipe uses lighter spread rather than butter, so it's healthier too. Get the recipe for hot cross bun and butter pudding.


6. Tear-and-share hot cross buns

Why have one hot cross bun when you can have 18 tear-and-share hot cross buns? Gather the troops, you're going to need help eating these buttery buns. Get the recipe for tear-and-share hot cross buns.


8. Hot cross scones

Hot cross scones take care of two cravings in one go. Because nobody should have to make a choice between scones and hot cross buns. Get the recipe for hot cross scones.


9. Hot cross buns with cardamom and orange

Bake Off contestant Chetna Makan's Indian-inspired cardamom and orange hot cross buns taste delicious on their own, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, or with a steaming cup of masala chai. Get the recipe for cardamom and orange hot cross bun French toast.


10. Hot cross bun granola 

Fill the kitchen with the sweet and spicy scent of hot cross buns when making this Easter style granola. Pair up with some yogurt and fruit to kick off your day. Perfect for using up leftover Hot Cross buns too!