Welcome to the be Active Challenge

Image: Active Kids, Be active challenge

Sainsbury's Active Kids is all about helping more kids to eat well, move well and live well. 


To encourage more kids to lead healthier and active lives, whilst having fun on the way, we've teamed up with Premier Sport and ukactive to create some free and exciting activities for you to do at home.


We've also provided a handy activity tracker to log their daily minutes spent on each activity, and they can record at the end of each week if they are meeting the recommended physical activity levels. Once they've tried them all, you can reward them with a certificate, included in the pack. 


You can download the pack here; Active Kids Be Active Pack.


Try some our fun activities to get your kids hitting their daily dose of 60 minutes in no time, Enjoy! 


Check out this scrapbook for some recipe ideas to make with the kids.