Let the kids pick one of these pretty and fun recipes for Mum – we promise they won't leave the kitchen in too much of a mess!

Roll up their sleeves, tie on those little aprons and bake something extra-special this Mother's Day. Whatever age your kids are, we've got a recipe to suit, from no-bake pistachio fridge cake to deliciously decadent dark chocolate squares.


I Love Mum biscuits

Guaranteed to make her glow with pride, these cute letter biscuits are a yummy way to teach kids the alphabet, too!


Chocolate refrigerator cake

No-bake recipes are perfect for little ones. Customise this recipe for Mum by using her favourite biscuits, nuts and dried fruits – just keep the quantities the same as in the original recipe.


Easy maple syrup flapjacks

Little ones love flapjacks and so will Mum when she finds out you've baked these especially for her! Drizzle with a little milk or white chocolate when cool.


Orange yogurt cake

This superb cake contains orange juice, orange zest and yogurt to make the sponge extra tasty and moist.


Butterfly fairy cakes

Fairy cakes are a bit smaller and often less sugary than their American cupcake counterparts. Dip the "wings" in buttercream and sparkles. Adorable!


Fudgy chocolate squares

Bittersweet cocoa powder and smooth dark chocolate make these moist chocolate cakes quite a grown-up treat.


Bumblebee and flower biscuits

You'll need a steady hand to decorate these cute bumblebee biscuits. Use black writing icing pens to decorate rather than a piping bag – it's much easier!


Rhubarb and orange custard tart

This stunning tart sure makes the most of seasonal rhubarb and is a lovely gift for Mother's Day. Cheat a little and use ready-rolled dessert pastry if you're short on time.