These perfect pasta sauces go delightfully well with fresh courgetti. Give them a go

Courgetti. This insanely popular carb-substitute has turned traditional pasta dishes on its head, providing a healthy, tasty, extra veggie boost in no time. With that in mind, here are our favourite sauces to top your gorgeous strands of fresh courgetti. Because life isn’t just about shop-bought sauces...


Porcini and green lentil Bolognese

Porcini and green lentil Bolognese with courgetti

Don't get us wrong – we like a traditional meat-based bolognese sauce as much as the next guy, but this veggie option is packed full of deep flavour from the porcini mushrooms and is a great alternative if you're trying to cut down on meat. Or just because it's totally delicious. 


Veggie polpette

It doesn’t get much more wholesome than this veggie on veggie delicious main – or, thankfully, more delicious. Everyone’s a winner!


Skinny pad thai

This skinny version of pad thai has got our taste buds doing a jig. Lime-y, prawn-y and packed with flavour – a delicious summertime sensation on a plate. 


Raw walnut pesto

Don't be put off by the word 'raw' in this recipe – the walnuts add a rich, luxurious taste to this pesto, so you certainly won't feel like you're missing out.


Miso orange courgetti salad

So simple it's almost too good to believe. Ready in a swift 10 minutes, this recipe is vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Added bonus – it also stays fridge-fresh for three days. That's lunch sorted, then.


Spinach and parmesan

This recipe has all the flavour of a spinach gratin, but with about the tenth of the guilt. We like that kind of thinking. 


Nettle pesto pasta with sun-dried tomatoes

This recipe is completely bursting with flavour. Summer in a bowl. 



Because how could anyone really say no to cheese and bacon and mean it?


Garlic prawns

You can cook the courgetti at the same time as the garlicky prawns in this recipe, which means it's speedy as well as completely delicious.