Chewy and gooey, these tempting brownie bakes are the ultimate kind of comfort food. From classic to cherry and cheesecake varieties – you name it, we’ve got it. It might be cold and wet outside, but who cares when you’ve got brownies in the oven

Image: 8-brownie-bakes-to-beat-the-winter-blues/


1. Marshmallow chocolate traybake

Not strictly speaking a brownie, but who’s going to notice when you present them with chocolate-flavoured Madeira cake topped with toasted marshmallow? This is quite simply a traybake showstopper.


2. Classic chocolate brownies

Want to make the classic chocolate brownie chocolate-brownies?  If you’re after that famous combo of chewiness and gooeyness, this step-by-step video shows you how to master it. Just make sure you save yourself a square or two before everyone else swipes the lot.


3. Triple chocolate brownies

Chocolate obsessives will appreciate this threefold approach to the brownie. Plain, milk and white chocolate come together to create a triple chocolate brownie that really means business.


4. Fudgy chocolate squares

Soft chocolate sponge topped with a luxurious ganache makes a delicious alternative to brownies. These fudgy chocolate squares look pretty too, finished with wild rose and blossom sugar flowers.


5. Macadamia nut blondies

Again, not technically a brownie but a sponge alternative to the classic if you’re more of a white chocolate fan. Mixed with a nutty bite for extra texture and a tropical hint of vanilla and coconut, these macadamia nut blondies are to die for.


6. Chocolate and cherry brownies

If there’s a flavour that’s born to be paired with chocolate, it’s got to be cherry. The rich fruitiness gives these chocolate and cherry brownies extra depth and makes them taste even more indulgent.


7. Black Forest brownie layer

If you’re tempted to take the brownie to a whole new level, how about this Black Forest brownie layer? Frozen fruit sorbet, vanilla ice cream and golden syrup are sandwiched between two layers of chocolate brownie slices. Prepare to swoon.


8. Choc, cherry and cheesecake brownies

Chocolate and cherry is good, but what about throwing cheesecake into the mix? This super luxurious brownie  features swirls of cheesecake for a marbled effect, topped with glossy cherries to finish.