Create a marvellous meat-free spread this year with these inspired vegetarian recipes


1. Parsnip & cranberry nut roast

A great meat-free alternative to Christmas turkey, this delicious nut roast is stuffed with cranberries, walnuts, cashews and pine nuts. See recipe for parsnip & cranberry nut roast.

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Parsnip and Cranberry Nut Roast


2. Luxury vegetarian puff pie

If you fancy something a little different to the traditional nut roast this Christmas, your veggie guests will love this warming winter pie that’s packed with mushrooms and soft cheese. See recipe for luxury vegetarian puff pie.

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Luxury Vegetarian Puff Pie


3. Tasty festive chestnut tart

Even the most devoted of carnivores will struggle to resist this mouth-watering chestnut and caramelised onion tart – it’s a good job this recipe serves eight. See recipe for tasty festive chestnut tart.

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Tasty Festive Chestnut Tart


4. Wild mushroom tartlets

Great for a dinner party or a light savoury treat, these wild mushroom tartlets with crème fraîche couldn’t be simpler to make. See recipe for wild mushroom tartlets.

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Wild Mushroom Tartlets


5. Sage & butternut squash roll

This vegetarian roulade combines fresh, seasonal flavours and makes an impressive centrepiece on the table at Christmas lunch – it’s fun to make too. See recipe for sage & butternut squash roll.

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Sage Butternut Squash Roll


6. Jewelled mushroom salad

Ready in 15 minutes, this simple and light mushroom and goat’s cheese salad is the perfect easy starter. Or serve up as a nice light side dish to balance out the heavier components of the Christmas lunch. See recipe for jewelled mushroom salad.

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Jewelled Mushroom Salad


7. Lentil, ricotta & spinach filo parcels

These crisp veggie pies are packed with Mediterranean flavours including spinach, ricotta and toasted pine nuts. Serve with a herb salad for a sophisticated lunch or light dinner. See recipe for lentil, ricotta & spinach parcels.

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Lentil, ricotta and Spinah Filo Pockets


8. Christmas stilton bites

If you’re hosting a Christmas or New Year’s party this year, whip up these fresh canapés made with tangy stilton mixed with soft cheese, served on crisp veg with a chopped chive garnish. See recipe for Christmas stilton bites.

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Christmas Stilton Bites


9. Cambozola, chicory & cranberry canapés

Chicory provides a fresh and crunchy edible shell for a moreish mix of pecans and cambozola – another great party guest pleaser. See recipe for cambozola, chicory & cranberry canapés.

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Cambozola, chicory and cranberry canapes


10. Mushroom 'sausage' rolls

Your vegetarian guests may not partake in your sausage roll party bites, but that shouldn’t mean missing out. This delicious veggie alternative will keep everyone happy.

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Mushroom 'sausage' rolls


11. Cheeseboard soufflé

Been landed with a surplus of cheese this year? This recipe is designed to use up the odds and ends from your festive cheeseboard to create a gloriously indulgent baked soufflé. See recipe for cheeseboard soufflé.

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Cheese Souffle


12. Stilton paté

Another clever vegetarian alternative to a meaty classic, this cheesy pate with a pistachio crunch really packs a punch. See recipe for stilton paté.


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Stilton Pate


13. Quick zesty paté

A few ingredients and a quick whizz in the blender is all that’s required to make this artichoke pate. Perfect for an impromptu Christmas gathering. See recipe for quick zesty paté.

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Quick Zesty Pate