If, like us, you can’t get enough of ginger in all its fiery flavoursome deliciousness – then Christmas is the perfect time to feed your addiction


Try these four ways to make the most of the festive spice.


1. Sticky ginger cake with ginger cream 

Four layers (count them) of super-moist gingerbread sponge with complementary flavours of cinnamon and black treacle, topped with a wonderfully indulgent ginger buttercream icing. Click here for the recipe.

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Ginger Cake


2. Gingerbread family

Why stick to gingerbread men when you can bake a whole family? Go the whole hog and make a gingerbread dog, moggie and goldfish. These make cute, not to mention delicious, gifts that can be hung on the tree by punching a small hole at the top and threading some ribbon through. Click here for the recipe.

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Gingerbread Family


3. Apple, prune and ginger pickle

For another edible gift idea, this spicy chutney goes great with the Christmas lunch cheeseboard. Whip up a whole batch and give away to friends and family. Click here for the recipe.

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Apple, Ginger and Prune Chutney


4. Ginger beer and pear-glazed gammon

If you’ve decided to introduce gammon to the Christmas spread this year, add oodles of flavour with this recipe that includes ginger beer (yum) and pears – a flavour match made in heaven. Click here for the recipe.

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Ginger Beer and Pear Glazed Gammon