Here are five mouth-watering flavour combinations for you to try


Ah, delicious gammon – co-star of turkey and stupendous in leftover sarnies. Whether gammon is your table centrepiece or supporting act this year, you’ll want to make its salty meaty flavours sing. Here are five mouth-watering flavour combinations for you to try.


1. With clementine and ginger

If you like your gammon with a bit of citrus and spice, this unashamedly sticky syrup glaze is the one for you. Using real clementines and stem ginger this recipe adds a delicious zing to your Christmas gammon. See recipe for clementine & ginger glazed gammon.

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Clementine Glazed


2. With mustard and cider

Add a gentle bit of heat to your Christmas gammon with a generous coating of wholegrain mustard and caramelised brown sugar – a heavenly mix of savoury and sweet. Throw in some Christmas spices and you’ve got a delicious festive centrepiece. See recipe for mustard glazed gammon with cider gravy.

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Mustard Glazed Gammon with Cider Gravy


3. With apple and apricot

A luxuriously rich shallot gravy is off-set by the sweeter flavours of apple and apricot in this delicious dish. Serve with as many trimmings as you can fit on the plate and let all the wonderful flavours mix. See recipe for apple & apricot glazed gammon.

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Apricot Glazed


4. With ginger beer and pear

You may not have cooked with ginger beer before but try it once and you’ll be hooked. In this unusual recipe, thin slices of pear are layered on top of a honey, ginger and mustard-glazed gammon. Delicious for buffets or the big day itself. See recipe for ginger beer and pear glazed gammon.

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Ginger Beer Glazed


5. With coriander and cumin

For something altogether different, this exotic glaze for gammon borrows delicious flavours from the sub-continent. Coriander and cumin combine with chili for a spicy Christmas centrepiece, served with a contrasting sweet mango chutney. See recipe for coriander and cumin sugar roasted gammon.

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Coriander Cumin Glazed


The co-star of Christmas lunch

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