Make your puds more than good. Make them incredible with these ridiculously great-tasting recipes

On the face of it, Christmas puddings can be pretty meh.


A brown ball of stewed dried fruit with a bit of booze thrown in to make things a bit more exciting? Yes, it's easy to see why creamy trifle or a glorious chocolate fondant might be more welcome at the Christmas dinner table.


But hold up – it might not quite be time to ditch Granny's favourite dessert just yet. Some cooks have brought in the culinary equivalent of the Kardashians' glam squad and have pimped up the humble Christmas pudding.


Check out these puds so good, you'll want to take a selfie with them.  


1. Cranberry gingerbread Christmas pudding with ginger sauce

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Gingerbread Christmas pudding

Via: Martin Poole

There's not a lot that can't be improved by adding chocolate. This pud takes a trip to the sweeter side with both chocolate, cherries and a good glug of brandy.


2. Spiced mini Christmas puddings with rum and lime mascarpone topping

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Just because it's -5°C outside doesn't mean we can't get a little bit tropical up in here. And the rum and lime flavours infused in this dish might just transport you from the woes of Albert Square to Kingston town.


3. Golden Christmas puddings

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Hey, it's Christmas. That means you can cover anything you like in a shower of glitter, or wrap it up in a sparkly coat. Pudding is no different; give it the Midas touch with this royalty worthy finish.


4. Cherry and chocolate pudding

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OK, could this pudding be any more Christmassy? Spiced gingerbread: check. Cranberries: check. Ginger wine: check check check. It's a bit of beaut once drizzled with that sauce, too.


5. Salted caramel and sour cream pudding

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Since it's 2015, where we add salted caramel to everything, the next rational step is to bring the salty caramel fairy to work on Christmas pudding, right? Right.


6. Leftover Christmas pudding ice-cream

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Worst case scenario: you're left with loads of Christmas pudding. Not a problem. Just add ice-cream


Perhaps you could even try affogato-ing it up a bit by pouring a freshly brewed espresso shot over a ball of Christmas pudding ice-cream for a Twixmas treat. Or smother it in Baileys, if you're still on a decadent tip.


7. Malteser pud

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OK, so it's not technically a Christmas pudding, but who's going to quibble with you when you pull this out, post-turkey?



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