If you want to raise the culinary bar a touch higher without having to enroll at cookery school this Christmas, here are eight awe-inspiring desserts


1. Pomegranate pavlova

Pavlova is a total crowd-pleaser and this one includes pomegranate jewels sitting prettily on top. See recipe for pomegranate pavlova.

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Pomegranate Pavlova


2. Baked chocolate & clementine cheesecake

The flavours of orange and chocolate have gone together hand-in-hand since the dawn of time. And with orange slices placed on top, your guests will be sold before they’ve even taken a bite. See recipe for baked chocolate & clementine cheesecake.


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Baked Chocolate and Clementine Cheesecake


3. Mince pie puff

This evolution of a Christmas classic takes the humble mince pie to the next level – and it’s as simple to make as the regular sized version. See recipe for mince pie puff.

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Mince Pie Puff


4. Pomegranate, cranberry and white chocolate cake

This Christmassy sweet treat is a great alternative to the traditional fruity Christmas cake. With its simple pomegranate seed topping, you won’t need a degree in Fine Arts to make it look good either. See recipe for pomegranate, cranberry and white chocolate cake.

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Pomegranate, Cranberry & White Chocolate Cake


5. Blackcurrant, peach, biscotti and pistachio trifle

Created from scratch in 15 minutes, this modern take on the traditional trifle will definitely impress. Make sure you serve in a glass bowl so all the tempting layers are visible. See recipe for blackcurrant, peach, biscotti and pistachio trifle.


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Blackcurrant, Peach, Biscotti and Pistachio Trifle


6. Spiced Christmas meringue wreath

Meringue and winter berries are fused with delicious, indulgent whipped cream – all arranged in a festive wreath shape. It’s hard to get more Christmassy than this. See recipe for spiced Christmas meringue wreath.

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Spiced Christmas Meringue Wreath


7. Pretty little pots

Desserts served in posh glasses are a dinner party winner – and these chocolate mousse pots are really simple to make too. See recipe for pretty little pots.

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Pretty Little Pots


8. Individual chocolate soufflés

Light, gooey and indulgent – soufflés are the ultimate luxury. Impress your guests with this chocolate treat. See recipe for individual chocolate soufflés.

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Individual Chocolate Souffles