Why fuss over the festive season? Here's how to ensure you spend less time in the kitchen this Christmas


1. Stuffing

It simply would not be Christmas dinner without stuffing. From the classic sage and onion, to cranberry and chestnut or apple and herb, the choice of stuffing to accompany the festive bird is mind-boggling. Don’t waste time chopping chestnuts. Pick a good-quality packaged variety, mix up and roll into balls ready for baking. Check out our guide on the secret to the perfect stuffing.

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Cranberry and Walnut Stuffing Balls


2. Yorkshire puddings

Although they’re not strictly part of the traditional festive feast, many of us can’t imagine a roast dinner without a Yorkshire. On Christmas Day, the oven will be bursting at the seams, so ready-made puddings are a great short-cut and only take a few minutes to cook.

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Fuss-Free Yorkshire Puddings


3. Cranberry sauce

The essential accompaniment to turkey, cranberry sauce is actually ridiculously easy to make. But if your timetable just won’t allow for that (or you forget), you’ll find some delicious versions in jars – just decant it into a nice pot before you set it on the table.

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Cranberry Sauce


4. Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding is enormously satisfying to make yourself, but it does take some planning ahead. So if your pre-Christmas schedule of carol concerts, nativity plays, shopping and socialising means it dropped off your list – don’t panic. There’s a plum duff out there to suit everyone’s taste, from Cognac-laced to low-fat, and once you’ve dressed it up on the serving plate and set fire to it no-one will be any the wiser.

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Christmas pudding


5. Bread sauce

Often forgotten these days, bread sauce is a creamy, comforting accompaniment to Christmas dinner. Liven up store-bought sauce by adding some grated nutmeg and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to give it a last-minute kick.

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Bread Sauce


6. Frozen veg

If you are seriously short on time, forget about peeling and chopping mountains of veg – just whip a packet out of the freezer, lightly steam and add herbs and seasoning as you serve. Frozen vegetables are every bit as nutritious as fresh, and with a bit of love at the end will certainly pass muster. Use our Brussels sprouts for a fuss-free Christmas meal.

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Frozen Veg