With one in eight British adults now vegetarian, a veggie Christmas has become a common thing


Many meat eaters have meat-free days, too (there’s even a name for them – ‘flexitarians’), so you might find that you don’t have to cook two separate meals when you’re entertaining over Christmas (although perhaps check with your guests beforehand if you’re planning on cooking a meat-free Christmas dinner!).



Ask your veggie guests whether their vegetarianism extends to cheese. If so, check packaging carefully. To be sure a product is suitable for vegetarians, it should state this on the packaging, either with a ‘V’ symbol or in print. It’s always wise to check, as some meat-free products aren’t suitable for vegetarians.




Veggie finger foods are easy to make. You can provide everything from blinis to bruschetta; mini pizzas to Spanish tortilla wedges; quails’ eggs with celery salt to crispy potato skins and more.


Veggies can even get in on some sausage roll action with these mushroom-packed pastry bites

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If you’re pushed for time or would rather not spend a lot of time cooking and preparing food, you can always turn to Sainsbury’s range of party foods. From the chilled shelves and freezer cabinets, choose from a selection, including:





You can create some wonderful meat-free starters that are fit for a Christmas feast. Try our recipes for fabulously festive Taleggio fig party bites – they ooze silky cheese and have a delicious crunch.

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Fig Bites


This Chicory, gingerbread and orange salad is an unusual combination of flavours and textures with a Christmas zing. Or try this très sophisticated Celeriac and hazelnut ‘hummus’ with crudités.

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Hazelnut hummus




For the most part, vegetarians can eat the same desserts as meat-eaters, with the exception of Christmas pudding if it contains suet. But there are some ingredients to watch out for when choosing a ready-made product or selecting a recipe: gelatine, carmine and cochineal, lard (used in some homemade pastry recipes), suet and rennet (found in some cheeses) are the main ingredients to avoid.


Try these out for size:


Spiced Christmas meringue wreath

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Meringue Wreath


Lemon curd and almond Swiss roll

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Swiss Roll


Lime and ginger tartlets

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