Whether it’s the last indulgent Christmas dinner course or a magnet for buffet grazers, the cheeseboard is a Christmas essential


It’s Christmas Day. You’ve eaten smoked salmon, a fair few festive nibbles, turkey and all the trimmings, Christmas pud, and a sneaky slice of that heavenly Bow Cake. You’re just about to doze off in the middle of Charades, when someone says ‘Cheeseboard anyone?’. 


Bearing in mind the cheeseboard’s exalted position on the festive menu, we’re not talking about a bit of old, hard Cheddar and a stale Brie from the back of the fridge. Assembling the perfect combination of styles, flavours and textures can be a bit of an art, so for guaranteed success without the stress, a pre-packed cheeseboard is the way forward. 


This Christmas, Sainsbury’s have thoughtfully introduced their Taste the Difference Cheese Selection Board, presented on a beautiful Acacia board - available from the 2nd December.


The perfect finish to Christmas lunch

Tuxford & Tebbutt’s Blue Stilton (pictured) is characterised by its typical blue veining with rich complex flavours and a piquant finish. Stilton cheese is honoured with the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, which means that Tuxford & Tebbutt is one of only five Creameries in the world producing Stilton. 


Their Stilton is produced to a traditional recipe in Melton Mowbray using milk collected from 26 farms in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.


To make the Barber’s Extra Matured Farmhouse Cheddar, the curds are still turned by hand to ensure the right ‘cheddaring’ is achieved, continues to be matured on the farm for a minimum of nine months, and is finally assessed by a professional grader to ensure it achieves the highest quality level.


To complete the board, a soft and silky French goat’s cheese and a mini Cornish Brie are complemented by a wedge of Shropshire Red from the award-winning Belton Dairy, with its wonderful russet colour and deliciously crunchy texture.


Serve this cheeseboard with a glass of our Taste the Difference Special Reserve Port for a winning combination.


Making your own?


Award-winning cheese expert Win Merrells gives some simple guidelines for choosing a cheeseboard:


“Make sure you have catered for most people’s tastes, something mild like a Brie, and a good strong blue cheese like Stilton. Cheddar is everyone’s favourite – with so many different types to choose from – and why not add one more unusual cheese, like an extra matured Gouda, Manchego or a Shropshire Red? And look out for the special Christmas flavours available. Garnish your cheeseboard with dried fruits, grapes and a sprig of herbs.”

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Cheese Platter


To complete your festive cheeseboard, don’t forget the crackers and chutneys. Why not try these: