Your wheat-free foodie guide to the festive season


If you – or any of your Christmas visitors – have an intolerance to gluten or are coeliac, catering can be tricky. It needn’t be, though. We’ve come up with some gluten-free ideas that will help you to make crowd-pleasing food that everyone can enjoy.


Recipes for parties


The usual one-bite foods like blinis, mini tartlets, bruschettas and cheese straws are all off the menu for gluten-intolerants. So what’s the alternative? 


Gluten-free bites

You can make your own gluten-free blinis, using gluten-free flour, rice flour or buckwheat flour. Top with soured cream and smoked salmon, garnished with a little lumpfish caviar or fresh dill fronds, soft cheese with slivers of roasted red pepper, or Sainsbury’s Caramelised Onion Houmous and a slice of black olive.


When bread-based bites feel sorely lacking in your Christmas party spread, these quick and easy Polenta bites with Stilton and red onion chutney are a real treat. 

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Or take it up a notch in the festive stakes with this unashamedly Christmassy Polenta Christmas tree pizza with turkey, stuffing and mozzarella

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If you're planning more of a sit-down affair, this Gluten-free roast vegetable and hazelnut crumble is perfect sharing dish. 

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When nothing but pastry will do at a party, these moreish Walnut tartlets are just the job.

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Posh nuts


Elevate plain mixed nuts to gourmet status with our Maple, sea salt and chilli roasted nuts.


Christmas bangers


Sainsbury’s has a range of Gluten-free Taste the Difference sausages. Cut them up, cooked, into small chunks and serve on sticks for a timeless but retro favourite.


Cheese please

For a sophisticated canapé, try these no-cook gluten-free mozzarella, sun dried tomato, basil and Parma ham rolls that take no time at all. 

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Parma ham rolls


Mince pies are a must…


…Even for gluten intolerants, so it’s just as well we have a Gluten-free mince pie recipe, just for you.

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Mince pies


More sweet treats


These multi-coloured Macaroons are actually really simple to make but will make you look kinda accomplished in the kitchen.

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Recipes for starters


Christmas food should always feel extra special and there are lots of starters you can make that will fit the bill.


A fancy salad

Chicory, watercress and Roquefort salad is a delight to look at on the plate and has that Christmassy blue-cheese note. It’s also light enough not to dull the appetite ahead of the main course.

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Chicory, watercress and Roquefort salad


DIY carpaccio

Lime and pepper crusted beef carpaccio is suitably upmarket for those who love fine cuts of meat. The trick is in the preparation, so if you can’t trust yourself to cut the slices of beef thinly enough, ask for it to be done for you at the butchery counter when you buy the meat (and skip the searing step in the recipe).

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Lime and pepper crusted beef carpaccio


For fish fans

Roasted mackerel with fennel, red onion and apricot salad is great for fish lovers – but one fillet is probably enough for a starter portion.


Recipes for desserts


For fans of Christmas pud, try Sainsbury’s tasty Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding. Or try one of our sumptuous gluten-free pud recipes.


DIY Christmas pud


Make your own Gluten-free Christmas pudding. This is a great recipe if you like to get involved with festive cooking in the run-up to Christmas (and especially if you and your kids are a fan of stirring to make a wish!). 


No-bread zone?


Gluten-free bread and butter pudding is another winner – but perhaps best saved for a lighter meal than a full Christmas dinner!


Freefrom fruit loaf summer pudding is a great recipe that requires no cooking. Thanks to the availability of frozen summer berries, it can be enjoyed all year round – and the fruit loaf gives a lovely, Christmassy note.