Ever wondered how weird Christmas must appear to your pets?

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Image: The purrrfect Christmas, according to your cat

Via: Erik Drost / CC BY-SA 2.0 / adapted / Flickr: edrost88


December 4: The family have erected a mysterious tree in the living room and decorated it with shiny balls, ribbon and sparkly lights. There’re even some brightly coloured boxes wrapped in paper underneath to sharpen my claws on. Win!

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Via: tumblr.com / ALXBNGALA


December 7: Mysterious tree also serves as handy new water vessel. Water definitely tastes better with a hint of pine. Family have a cosy log fire going in the living room too. Fell asleep in front of it. Seem to have singed my fur a little.

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December 11: Spent some considerable time and energy removing all dangling objects from lower branches of mysterious tree. Funny little cardboard tent-like objects with pictures on the front and writing inside have also started to appear on the bookshelves. Had brilliant fun knocking them all onto the floor and chasing and chewing them. One of the boxes underneath smelled so good, I couldn’t resist scratching it open. Chocolates. Yum!


December 13: Locked out of living room. Luckily discovered some homemade gingerbread biscuits cooling on the kitchen counter. Delish! Knocked a few onto the floor for scoffing. Then took a nap on the microwave.


December 14: Had a sore tummy.


December 19: Family brought home many large rolls of shiny paper today. One of them rolled out a large section on the floor so like any self-respecting feline, I sat in the middle of it and had a bit of a grooming session.

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Managed to get sticky tape stuck to my tail. Took ages to get it off and then it got stuck to head instead. Eventually got it off and noticed a tantalising roll of ribbon under the sofa. I helpfully unravelled it but got paws tangled up and knocked over a vase of flowers. Was given an early supper and locked in the kitchen again minus gingerbread snacks.


December 20: Was minding my own business having a bit of a groom while the family watched some dancing show on telly when they suddenly decided to put a ridiculous red hat on my head with white fur trim and a bell on it and point their camera phones at me. The indignity! Not amused. Scratched a hole in the arm of the sofa in protest.


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Christmas day: Full house today. Too many people in one room for my liking. Went upstairs for the morning and took a snooze under the bed. Came downstairs to find the living room strewn with bits of paper and ribbon. Had a whale of a time jumping around and playing with it all with the children. Fun times!  


Lunch was brilliant too. Never seen a table full of so much food. There was even smoked salmon! Tried sneaking onto the table to help myself but was relegated to the hallway with a plate of treats. Result! Owners must really love me.


Everyone fell asleep on the sofa in the afternoon so I had my pick of laps to curl up on.

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Boxing day: Scraps galore! And even more laps to choose from.  Wish it could be Christmas every day.


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