Add a lil' je ne sais quoi to your favourite tipples

Sure, you know how to fix a G&T but how about infusing your gin with botanicals and stuff first? Fancy! Next time you're putting on the ritz at yours, may we suggest mixing up one of these deliciously different tipples for something a little more special? Brought to you by the purveyors of all things party, Ritz Crisp & Thin. 

Pea & dill G&T

The unusual additions of pea and dill blend deliciously with the botanicals in the gin for an extra-special twist on the classic G&T.

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Mate's Mary

A lighter, crisper take on a Bloody Mary which can easily be whipped up at home.

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Sweet & chilli julep

A great summer drink to share with friends. Serve in an old jam jar for a bit of fun.

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Pimm's punch

A great cocktail to make at home using ingredients you likely already have in your fridge.

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Lover's Cup

Sparkling wine adds a light freshness to this drink whilst the balsamic adds a tart contrast to the sweetness of the liqueur.

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This might be your go-to cocktail in a bar, but it's actually really easy to make yourself. And it gets better the longer you leave it. Win!

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Put on the ritz for all occasions with Ritz Crisp & Thin. Try the deliciously tangy Cream Cheese & Onion, the irresistibly moreish Sea Salt & Vinegar, sophisticated Sea Salt & Black Pepper or pack-a-punch Sweet Red Chilli