OK, so we're all hooked on juices. But add booze and bam! Way more interesting

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Hard to beet: whisky and beetroot juice cocktail


These cocktails all have a savoury base and they're a delightful change from regular sweet concoctions. Plus, all those fresh veggies have to be a good thing, right?


The recipes below are going to put the fun back into juicing. Cheers!


Pumpkin and chestnut bellini

A drink with a bit of an autumnal vibe, this cocktail was created by Richard Woods, a mixologist at London’s Duck & Waffle. This place certainly knows a thing or two about cocktails, so whip this one up for friends.

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Pumpkin bellini

Photo: Dan Matthews Via: theguardian.com 


Red pepper margarita 

Love margies but find them too sweet? This one gets a spicy, smoky flavour from a juiced and roasted red pepper. Why not add a little chilli sauce to pep it up even more?

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Whisky beet

Who’d have thought the earthy flavours of beetroot pair so well with whisky? This cocktail is the foodie way to serve the spirit for a complex taste that’s hard to beet (pun intended).

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Sweet potato and rum

This is perhaps the most out-there rum punch of all time. Muddling wedges of orange and sage leaves add a fragrant kick to the rum and potato purée. Don't go so far as to make mashed potato, though. That really would be weird.

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Cucumber and rosemary G&T

Cucumber is the perfect partner for this summer classic and while this recipe muddles the vegetable with rosemary, we’d suggest blending half a cucumber and adding a glug of its juice to give the drink even more of a fragrant tang. 

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Lime and coriander michelada (spicy tomato juice with beer)

This drink is traditionally how Mexicans cool down – sort of like a bloody mary, but with beer instead of vodka. This recipe uses fresh tomatoes and a hint of coriander and lime. Bonus: they look so pretty, too.

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