How to give your cocktails a caffeinated hit

Image: Yep, we're using tea and coffee as mixers now


Has your afternoon cuppa got a bit boring? Or your coffee not punchy enough?  Well, now it’s all about using our caffeinated friends as cocktail mixers. Strictly for weekends and evenings only, obvs.


Adding pre-brewed tea or coffee to alcoholic drinks adds a hint of a savoury flavour and makes a nice change from too-sweet cocktails. Here are a selection of drinks from afternoon refreshers to celebration toasts, and one that even doubles up as dessert. So, put the kettle on and get mixing.


Matcha tea gimlet

This cocktail takes the powdered Japanese green tea to another level – and the grassy notes of the tea pair really well with the botanicals from the gin. It’s all pretty damn sophisticated, if you ask us.


Coffee gin and tonic

London cold brew company Sandows are championing this British drink as a new classic. Mixologist types are calling this ‘spro and tonic. We say give it a whirl. 


Earl Grey martini

Or mar-TEA-ni, if we're being proper. Infuse the gin with the tea leaves beforehand and wow your friends with their new favourite way to drink tea. 

Earl grey martini

Via Instagram / Cochine Istanbul 


Peach tea bellini

Is calling this a TEA-llini a step too far? Maybe, but we do love a good pun. Almost as much as we love this new way of enjoying a brunch favourite. Mixing the peach herbal tea up with some fresh fruit makes it almost guilt-free.


Espresso martini

Ahh, is there a better cocktail that showcases a shot of espresso? No, no there is not. This is the classic post-work, pre-night out pick-me-up and can be found on any self-respecting bar menu. Here's how to make it at home. 


Mint julep iced tea

This Southern-style refresher is perfect for long summer nights and will be a hit with bourbon fans too. There’s a real moreish kick to this cup. 


Green tea mojito

Mojito lost its mojo? This classic drink can be revived with a little pre-brewed green tea to play with the traditional flavours. And it's seriously refreshing.


Tiramisu caketail

Dessert and digestif in one glass? We like the sound of that. And anything that eases the later stages of a dinner party is good with us. This recipe uses just a splash of espresso in it, but you can up the measure for any coffee lovers.