Use your loaf and bake some veggies into homemade bread. It's surprisingly tasty and an easy way to eat more veg too


From knobbly celeriac to the humble courguette, veg add moisture, colour and a certain je ne sais quoi to a home-baked loaf. 


1. Pumpkin and coconut oil bread

You can mix all the ingredients for this spiced pumpkin bread in one bowl – leaving plenty of time for loafing around. In fact the hardest part is waiting for it to cool down before you eat it... move too soon and you'll have crumbs everywhere.


2. Beetroot and walnut bread

Pink bread? We're in love. And with melted cheese, rocket and ham it makes the best toastie you've ever had. 


3. Celeriac and cheddar cheese bread

Celeriac may be an odd looking fellow but when added to this rustic bread recipe, you might think twice about poking fun of its knobbly bits. 


4. Rhubarb and ginger soda bread

For those who like their bread to pack a punch, this fruit 'n' spice combo is a real winner. Pair with strong cheese, smoked mackerel or simply a pat of salted butter. Yep, we're hungry now too.


5. Tri-coloured bread

If you're having trouble deciding, take the road less travelled and go for a trio of veg! Spinach, red pepper and butternut squash to be exact. 


6. Butternut squash banana bread

We've already gone bananas for this gluten-free bread made with oats, gluten-free flour and buttery squash. It'll go down a treat at your next gathering, picnic, lunch break... the list goes on. 


7. Apple and courgette loaf

The cousin of the carrot cake, this courgette loaf is just as moist and fruity, only without the sugar. Flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla, it's definitely a cut above the rest. 


8. Spinach wraps

Turning the humble lunch wrap green is easier than you think – just add some blended spinach to the flour before kneading. See you on the Great Green Bake Off!


9. Vegetable cheese scones

Surprise! Oh the joy of hidden veg. Made by pressing your vegetable of choice into scone mix then spooning more batter on top. You won't notice these cheeky stowaways until you take a bite.


10. Super power chia bread

Every slice of this mean, green wonder is packed with chia, sunflower and pumpkin seeds as well as oats and buckwheat. Fill with avocado and hummus or slather on the strawberry jam – either way it's a hunger-buster.