Give Mum one of these thoughtful foodie gifts to thank her for all the little things … as well as being, quite frankly, amazing all round!


1. Heart-shaped teabag tags

Because… she’s always there to talk to


Chose a special tea for Mum such as Taste the Difference Earl Grey or rosehip infusion by Sainsbury's and add your own heart-shaped notes to the tea bags – all you need is red paper, scissors, ribbon and glue. Write your message with a silver or gold metallic pen and brew a special cuppa just for Mum.


Craft tip: fold your red paper in half, draw on a heart with a pencil and cut it out to make two heart shapes exactly the same size.

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Heart-shaped teabag tags

‘I love mummy’ mug, £4 | Grandma mug, £4. Available in selected Sainsbury's stores and online


2. Lemon & blueberry polenta cake

Because... she brightens up your day


Made with ground almonds and cornmeal, this golden yellow cake is a lovely way to tell Mum she's the sunshine in your life! Dust your blueberries lightly with flour before you add them to the mix – it stops them all sinking to the bottom of the sponge.

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Make ours a big slice please!


3. Chocolate coconut truffles

Because... she loves chocolate


Treat Mum to these gorgeous melt-in-the-mouth coconut truffles, made with creamy white chocolate and coconut extract. Presented in a special new mug, heart-shaped American measuring cups or handy measuring spoons (all available from Sainsbury's), you're sure to have one happy mummy.

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‘Thanks for all the lovely things you do for me’ mug, £4 | Set of 4 heart-shaped measuring cups, £8 | Set of 4 heart-shaped measuring spoons, £6. Available in selected Sainsbury's stores


4. Tiramisu macaroons

Because... she picks you up when you're feeling down


If your mum deserves a little pick-me-up herself, why not make her these tiramisu macaroons? Combining the glorious flavours of coffee and cream, they taste (and look!) as good as anything from a patisserie.

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Tiramisu macaroons


Dust with a little cocoa powder for the finishing touch


5. Pompom cupcakes 

Because... she always cheers you on!


Bake a batch of classic cupcakes for Mum and top with cute paper pompoms. The pompoms you see in this picture are actually shop-bought but it's easy to make your own – just use this method.

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Three – or is that twelve? – cheers for Mum!


6. Croquembouche

Because... she's the glue keeping everyone together


Now we're not suggesting you make an enormous tower here (though of course you can if you want to) but a mini version of this classic French dessert. Soft choux pastry buns filled with cream and lashings of caramel – what's not to like?

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Don't forget the chocolate dipping sauce!


7. Rubik’s cube cake

Because... she helps solve all your problems


OK, this recipe isn't for the fainthearted but if anyone's worth the extra effort it's Mum. Plus, once baked, all you need to conquer this puzzle is a fork! Now, even we can manage that.

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Is this the ultimate surprise-inside cake?


8. Chocolate & cherry cheesecake brownies

Because… you need the extra brownie points!


If your mum loves chocolate, bake her a batch of these super-fudgy cheesecake brownies. Or if you'd rather make something together, how about a homemade brownie-in-a-jar kit? With everything weighed out and ready to go, you can both concentrate on chatting rather than following a recipe.

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Ooh... these brownies have just the right squidge factor

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9. Sainsbury's magazine subscription

Because… she deserves to put her feet up


If you just want Mum to sit down for once and relax, why not give her a subscription to Sainsbury's magazine? Filled with mouthwatering recipes by all her favourite chefs, top foodie tips and kitchen wisdom, she might forget all about those chores. Plus, you'll probably get something delicious for dinner. Top stuff.


10. Rosewater & chocolate meringues

Because… she’s the sweetest thing


Meringues make a gorgeous edible gift and couldn't be easier to flavour with chocolate or rosewater – come to think of it, why not experiment and try both flavours together? Serve in a pretty flower bowl (we got this one from Sainsbury's In Bloom range) and wrap in tissue paper for a stunning Mother's Day gift.

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Rose water and chocolate meringues

In Bloom floral bowl from the In Bloom dinner set by Sainsbury's, 12pc, £40. Available in selected Sainsbury's stores

What's the best thing you've ever given or been given for Mother's Day? Let us know in the comments box below!