Bottle the essence of early summer, and it would taste of strawberries. Mmmm, that sweet, juicy plumpness – there’s nothing like your first bite of an in-season British strawberry. No wonder they’re the nation’s favourite berry

Image: 10 sensational strawberry recipes


1. Homemade strawberry jam

From whole fruit to the most delicious homemade strawberry jam in minutes, see how easy it is to make with our video.


2. Strawberry ricotta pancakes with salted caramel sauce

If you thought strawberries couldn’t be improved upon, how about pairing them with pancakes, and caramel sauce? Try this recipe from Sainsbury’s Magazine 

Salted caramel and strawberry pancakes

by Sarah Randell
Recipe photograph by Martin Poole.


3. Lime and strawberry dessert shots

Dessert goes micro with these lime and strawberry pudding shots . Ready in 30 minutes they make the perfect dinner party sweet course, crowned with a few plump and juicy British strawberries to finish.


4. Victoria sandwich loaf with strawberries and cream

A cheeky take on the classic Victoria sponge, this cake  sports a mouth watering 3 layers. Baked loaf-style, this tempting treat is piled high with lemon curd-flavoured double cream and fresh strawberries.


5. Summer berry and white chocolate jellies

Finished with a creamy, white chocolate topping, these British berry jellies make the most of summer’s strawberries. Give these jellies a boozy edge and add a splash of rosé wine.


6. Easy strawberry layer cake

Impressive as it looks, cheesecakes don’t get much easier to make than this. British strawberries are the star of the show, found hidden inside this loaf tin cheesecake, and perched on top of it too.


7. Luxury Eton mess

If there’s one classic summer pudding, it’s got to be Eton mess. That sumptuous mix of cream, meringue and strawberries makes it the perfect summer pud: light, creamy, luxurious and fruity, all at the same time. The ultimate strawberries and cream dessert combo.


8. Jam tarts with fresh berries

What do you do with a glut of summer berries? Rustle up these sweet little jam tarts, that’s what. A great way of using up jam too, they make a tasty addition to alfresco afternoon teas.


9. Individual summer puddings

No summer pudding would be complete without some ruby red strawberries spilling out of its fruit-filled centre. Serve with ice cream for a cooling summer twist  with a few extra strawberries on the side.


10. Strawberry and raspberry puddings

Match strawberries with raspberries in these cute little puds, topped with a ginger-spiked batter. Bake in ramekins for 30 minutes and serve with cream, ice cream or a light vanilla laced custard.