Two for me, none for you – once you’ve cast your eyes over these tasty Twix recipes, we reckon that'll be your motto


1. Cheesecake pie

It’s a cheesecake. And a pie. Cheesecake pie. Do keep up. 


2. Caramel brownies

Please form an orderly queue. 


3. Chocolate pop

It’s a frozen chocolate pop studded with mini Twix bites – what's not to like? *Shuts self in fridge and eats the lot*


4. Twix trifle

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you the towering Twix trifle.


5. Twix sandwich

Isn't this just the prettiest little cutie pie sandwich that ever did live?


6. Double choc cookies

Seeing double has never felt so good. 


7. Icebox cake

An epic dessert to be eaten at pace. Well, we wouldn’t want it to melt, would we?


8. Twix ice cream

Not just ordinary Twix ice cream, people. This is peanut butter Twix ice cream. Elasticated waistbands at the ready. 


9. Twix milkshake

If this doesn’t bring all the boys to the yard, we don’t know what will.


10. Popcorn

This is no ordinary popped corn – it's covered in the caramel-ness of a Twix. Perfect.