Why settle for egg mayo when you can have one of these big ol' beauties instead?

Ready to eat al fresco? Then throw down your favourite blanket, pack out a wicker hamper or just shrug your jacket off on to the grass. However you choose to picnic, put one of these incredible sarnies on the menu, spread out your hemline for crumb collecting, and devour.


1. Italian pressed sandwich

Perfect for plate-free picnic-ing, this recipe packs delicious layers inside a hollowed-out roll – so no spilling out on to your outfit. Genius.


2. Greek mezze pitta pockets

Greek meze

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Chelsea Bloxsome

Pittas are perfect for picnics – holding all filling neatly inside. This chickpea and feta combo should keep hungry kids schtum too – for five minutes, at least.


3. The ultimate sausage sandwich

What gives this classic doorstop sarny 'ultimate' status? The finest ingredients – chunky Cumberland bangers, hefty wedges of chewy bread and sticky sweet chutney, that's what. 


4. Beetroot brioche buns

Stop the clock – it’s a pink sandwich! Deliciously crispy on the outside then light and fluffy on the inside, we eat our beetroot brioche as they come – but you can try grilled halloumi or chutney in yours if you want to.


5. Italian-style sausage sandwich

Chunky chorizo brings an Italian twist to an otherwise much-loved classic. 


6. Lebanese spiced aubergine sandwich

This charred and melty zataar-spiked construction brings some delicious Middle-Eastern flavours to the picnic table.


7. Posh fish finger sandwich

There's something incredibly comforting and nostalgic about a good fish finger sandwich. This version's piled high with fists of fresh fish amd tangy homemade tartar sauce – sure to be loved by the whole family. 


8. Braiboodjies

You can, in theory, put anything you like in this South African sandwich, so long as you grill the finished article over an open flame. It’s a bit like a classic cheese toastie – only so much better.  


9. Chocolate orange cookie sandwiches

Sainsbury's Chocolate orange cookie sandwiches

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Chris Alack

A cheeky addition to our round-up – but we couldn’t resist. Chewy, sweet and delicious, they're a truly indulgent treat. 


10. Jamie Oliver’s next-level steak and onion sandwich

It’s the sticky-sweet onions that take centre stage here. Combined with melt-in-the-mouth meat, it’s a stand-out picnic player all right. Pukka indeed.