Bring on mealtime with these adorable animal-shaped food ideas the kids will love


1. Egg bunnies

These egg bunnies are so cute you might find it a challenge to eat them...


2. Cow sandwich

Make open-faced cow sandwiches to ensure the kids never complain about a boring lunch again.


3. Owl bento

You’ll be able to include a variety of different foods with these cute owl bento boxes.


4. Dog waffles

Think you couldn’t improve on waffles in the morning? Think again…


5. Sheep sandwich

This sheep sandwich comes together easily with a just a few simple ingredients.


6. Cheese turkey

These super cute cheese turkeys will make a fun afternoon snack. Gobble! Gobble!


7. Croc sandwich

Don’t worry, it won’t bite.


8. ‘What the fox says’ cookies

Make their next treat extra special with these fox-shaped cookies.


9. Penguin sushi

Their rolls won’t have to look perfect to make this penguin-shaped vegetable sushi.


10. Penguin banana

Go on an Arctic adventure with these frozen penguin chocolate banana treats.


11. Pig sandwich

The kids will have no trouble eating their sandwich meat when it’s in the shape of a cute pig.