Satisfy a sweet craving for under 150 calories apiece – and trust us, they're good

You don't need a calorie blowout to indulge your sweet tooth. These epic desserts will make you feel like an absolute glutton – but they all have 150 calories or less. 


Where's the spoon?


1. Fruity pud = 80 calories

Sweet peaches, sticky jam and buttery biscuits – what could be better?


2. Chocolate truffles = 96 calories

These Brazilian chocolate caramel balls won’t be around for long…


3. Cheesecake = 125 calories

These mini dairy-free cheesecakes are easy to serve at a party and can be demolished in just a few sweet mouthfuls. 


4. Date dessert = 100 calories

This date, coffee and cardamom combo makes for a simple yet exotic dessert.

Dates with coffee and cardamom

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Philip Webb


5. Granita = 139 calories

A tropical pineapple and coconut granita – quick, easy to make and super refreshing.


6. Fruit tarts = 68 calories

Trying to get your little ones to eat more fruit? These orange boats are stashed with berries, pomegranate seeds and strawberry jelly.


7. Chocolate brownies = 126 calories

Adding cherries to the mix helps lighten these up and the fruit and chocolate combo makes for the best of both worlds.


8. Chocolate fridge cake = 121 calories

Make these without even switching on the oven. #win


9. Roast fruits = 112 calories

With star anise and lemon, this is one full-flavoured pud.

Roast pears with star anise, blackberries and lemon

Via: Sainsbury's Magazine/Photo: Kate Whitaker


10. Banana ice cream = 96 calories

Dairy-free and yes still so creamy, this is one ice cream to go bananas over.


11. Fairy cakes = 84 calories

Yes, this means you can have two.