Forget about using just one or two cloves – these are all the excessive garlic recipes you need to indulge your obsession

Image: 14 ways to celebrate your love of garlic

Via: Sainsbury's

Life without garlic is a half-seasoned life: one that leaves our tastebuds unsatisfied and glum. Garlic lovers, it’s time to declare your shameless affection for this small yet magnificently pungent ingredient. 


Native to central Asia and a close relative of the humble onion, garlic is versatile and has a talent for giving almost any dish that extra wow factor – from humble soups to classic Sunday roasts. Here are some wonderful dishes that'll help you indulge your garlicky pleasures, and then some. Enjoy. 


1. Rosemary and garlic roast lamb

The key to serving up a traditional roast is simplicity. We say, let the meat (or non-meat) do the talking. And you can’t get much more traditional than the winning combination of these two powerhouses: rosemary and garlic  May you BFFs continue to make sensational roasts together forever. 


Garlic used: 2 cloves


2. Roasted garlic Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts, AKA the Marmite of the vegetable world, has been causing pandemonium at dinner tables for years now. But we think the notorious divider of people gets a bad rap and it's nothing our mate garlic can't handle. Combine roasted garlic with sizzling crispy bacon and Brussels sprouts and you have a persuasive dish on the table. 


Garlic used: 4 cloves


3. Garlic mashed potatoes

Mmm, fluffy mashed potatoes – the ultimate comfort food and all round crowd-pleaser. However, this version is the extreme sports of garlic consumption and reserved only for the most ardent of garlic fans. These mashed potatoes contain a whopping 30 cloves of garlic. What's that about ditching the mints?


Garlic used: 30 cloves


4. Mushroom and chestnut pie with a garlic crouton crust

Behold this pot of pie paradise. Mixed mushrooms make a tasty combo with the slightly sweet, nutty flavour of chestnuts, but it's the garlic crouton crust that we're lusting after. Swap puff pastry for this lighter garlic crust alternative and you might start revolutionising all your pies. In fact, you almost definitely will. Garlic forth and conquer.


Garlic used: 4 cloves


5. Sopa de ajo (garlic soup)

Garlic soup: the utmost dedication to garlic. An homage, if you will. Popular as comfort food when you're 'under the weather', this soup gets our full attention, any day of the week. And, it would be rude not to indulge it with some freshly baked bread. Or even... freshly baked GARLIC bread? If you want to double-garlic, we won't judge you. Promise.


Garlic used: 8 large cloves


6. Grilled scallops with green peppercorns and garlic

Did you know scallops produce pearls? No, neither did we. But, before you start a pearl hunt in your local fishmongers, take a peek at this saucy dish. While the recipe only uses two cloves of garlic, trust us – it's two cloves aplenty. Keep a watchful eye when pan-frying, as the scallops cook through quickly.


Garlic used: 2 cloves


7. Beef and roasted garlic stew

Well, hellooo there. We are ready to dive into this beefy beaut head first. This hearty stew comes laden with a generous dollop of roasted garlic. With all its gravy-like, comforting goodness, it's a glorious coming together of all your wintry-warm needs. Seconds, anyone?


Garlic used: 1 large head (12 cloves or more )


8. Smoky roasted garlic cauliflower rice with toasted almonds

Gone are the days of facing the utter boredom of boiled cauliflower on your plate. Once dismissed as uninspiring, cauliflower is now a major contender amongst its fancy veggie du jor pals. And, nothing gives it more of a revamp than roasted garlic. Chuck in 1-2 tbsp roasted, mashed garlic with toasted almonds and chopped cauliflower and you'll be making this dish on repeat.


Garlic used: 1-2 tbsp (mashed and roasted)


9. Garlic onion and poppy seed pizza

A pizza without garlic is, well, a pizza without garlic. But we will know our number one guy will be missing. By adding a generous dose of garlic to the mix, your pizza game will catapult from inviting to downright irresistible.


Garlic used: 6 cloves


10. Wilted chard with butter and garlic

With all those colours singing from one dish, we're besotted. Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat, this satisfying little number serves up in a swift 10 minutes. A well-suited partner to fish – why not turn up the garlic factor with an extra clove?


Garlic used: 1 clove


11. Garlic rolls

Soft, garlicky rolls of bread. Trust us, you knead these in your life. Good luck trying not to eat the whole batch in one go. We'll take 400, thanks. 


Garlic used: 4 cloves